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68th Rally of Monte Carlo
Round 1 of the 2000 FIA World Rally Championship 20 - 22 January 2000

End of Leg 3, Final
Tommi Makinen has started the defence of his World Championship in excellent form by winning the 68th Rally of Monte Carlo. Makinen kept up full pace until the last 2 stage where he backed off to ensure a finish and ended up finishing almost one and a half minutes in front of Sainz.
"It was excellent, we had no problems whatsoever. After Richard Burns and Gilles Panizzi retired it was easy for us. I'm very happy. It was much easier than last year, partly because the weather was much better. I must say it's not the same feeling as last year because after the second morning the lead was so big - there was no fight." Makinen

Sainz was .... This is more than I could have hoped for on my first rally with the Focus. Even though we've not had as much snow and ice as usual in the mountains, it has still been a tough rally and we can look forward to the rest of the season with confidence."

McRae, after attacking hard and climbing into 3rd position, retired on the very final stage. McRae: "The engine started to misfire about 14km after the start and then the oil pressure warning light came on. When I saw that I realised it was all over and there was nothing else we could do but park the car. I don't think that me and luck are meant to go togethor.

Juha Kankkunen set a blistering time on the famous Sisteron stage to pass Gardemeister and as a result was very happy to pick up a podium finish.

But Toni Gardemeister was one of the real stars on the event. Experience counts for everything on the Monte Carlo, yet despite his relative inexperience, Gardemeister set a string of top times over the event and finished a very credile 4th. He was unlucky not to receive a podium finish but was passed first by McRae and then by Kankkunen as some accident damage affected the suspension geometry and produced excessive tyre wear, resulting in having to use harder tyre compounds than were ideal. Seat team-mate Didier Auriol was another leading retirement today when engine failure on the 2nd last stage ended it all while he was lying 8th.

Skoda had many problems, particularly turbocharger related, throughout the event but both cars finished in the top 10 and Schwarz's times when things were running well have been excellent.

One of the other superb drives of the event was Bruno Thiry in a privately entered Toyota Corolla. Thiry was unlucky not to be driving for Skoda this year and he certainly put many of the other works drivers to shame.

The World Rally Championship now moves to Sweden where Hyundai will be entering their new Accent. The Rally of Sweden starts on Feb 10 (to 13).

Provisional Final Results
1 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 4:23:35,8
2 Sainz Ford Focus 4:25:00,7
3 Kankkunen Subaru Impreza 4:26:57,2
4 Gardemeister Seat Cordoba 4:27:20,9
5 Thiry Toyota Corolla 4:28:24,2
6 Loix Mitsu Lancer 4:30:39,9
7 Schwarz Skoda Octavia 4:33:24,1
8 Burri Toyota Corolla 4:34:17,2
9 Stohl Mitsu Lancer 4:44:17,6
10 Climent Skoda Octavia 4:44:25,3

Group N
1 Stohl Mitsu Lancer 4:44:17,6
2 Trelles Mitsu Lancer 4:47:45,8
3 Galli Mitsu Lancer 4:47:54,2

1 Pellerey Citroen Saxo 5:02:09,6
2 Bernardi Peugeot 106 5:08:40,6
3 Rouit Peugeot 106 5:09:56,0

Provisional Championship Points following Monte Carlo
Tommi Makinen 10
Carlos Sainz 6
Juha Kankkunen 4
Toni Garedmeister 3
Bruno Thiry 2
Freddy Loix 1

Mitsubishi 12
Ford 6
Subaru 4
Seat 3
Skoda 1

Dry and cold again with ice melting

Stage Winners
SS11 - McRae, SS12 - Makinen, SS13 - Kankkunen, SS14 - Sainz, SS15 - Sainz

SS 11, Selonnet - Breziers 17.94 km 1st car: 07:12
Stage Pos/ Driver /Car /Stage Time
1 McRae Ford Focua 12:46,1
2 Sainz Ford Focus 12:51,2
3 Schwarz Skoda Octavia 12:52,3
4 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 12:58,3
5 Kankkunen Subaru Impreza 12:59,7

SS 12, Rochebrune - Urtis 19.70 km 1st car: 07:45
- Makinen:
"The first stage was ok, but we had quite a lot of notes about ice and when we arrived, some of it had melted. We are going at normalspeed because of concentration and we can't afford to relax until the end"
- Loix: "We were perhaps a little too careful"
- McRae: "Conditions are pretty good on those first two so we attacked hard and it paid off"
- Sainz: "I feel relaxed this morning. Tommi is far too ahead of us to do anything about him unless he has a problem but we must keep an eye on the battle behind us. We don't want Colin to get too close!"
Stage Pos/ Driver /Car /Stage Time
1 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 16:16,1
2 McRae Ford Focua 16:19,6
3 Kankkunen Subaru Impreza 16:21,3
4 Sainz Ford Focus 16:22,6
5 Gardemeister Seat Cordoba 16:34,2

SS 13, Sisteron - Thoard 36.94 km 1st car: 09:25
- Makinen:
- I chose the right tyres, but I could have choosen an even softer compound
- McRae: "I would love to finish second and I'm going as hard as we can without taking any risks, but it's more important for us to get to the finish in a good position."
- Malcolm Wilson (Team Director, Ford): "Both driver (Sainz and McRae) have been told there are no team orders but they've also been told to bring their cars to the finish."
- Gardemeister: "Not satisfied. We chose an excessively hard compound and we had trouble going uphill before the Col"
- Kannkunen: "Soft tyres, that's what we needed, even though they wore out at the end"
- Climent: turbocharger failure, the second one this morning
Stage Pos/ Driver /Car /Stage Time
1 Kankkunen Subaru Impreza 25:04,0
2 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 25:07,7
3 McRae Ford Focua 25:13,0
4 Loix Mitsu Lancer 25:23,2
5 Schwarz Skoda Octavia 25:28,2

SS 14, Saint Auban - Bif. D 10 / D 17 29.17 km 1st car: 12:40
- Makinen:
"I drove slowly, but not too much!"
- Sainz: "It is good to see Ford in second and third position"
- Auriol: retired with engine failure
- McRae: minor gearbox problems continue but has choosen a pace that will allow him to reach the finish
- Schwarz: turbocharger failure
- Climent: finished the end of stage with his warning lights on and with brake failure
Stage Pos/ Driver /Car /Stage Time
1 Sainz Ford Focus 19:23,9
2 McRae Ford Focua 19:26,3
3 Thiry Toyota Corolla 19:40,6
4 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 19:48,8
5 Kankkunen Subaru Impreza 19:50,7

SS 15, Sospel - La Bollene Vesubie 33.80 km 1st car: 15:56
- McRae:
has retired with a blown engine
Stage Pos/ Driver /Car /Stage Time
1 Sainz Ford Focus 23:34,2
2 Thiry Toyota Corolla 23:55,4
3 Gardemeister Seat Cordoba 23:56,9
4 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 24:00,9
5 Kankkunen Subaru Impreza 24:14,3

End of Leg 2
There were four major retirements at the very start of Leg 2 and with them went much of the excitement of the Monte Carlo - all three Peugeots of Panizzi, Delecour and Gronholm retired with electrical problems that are yet to be identified and Richard Burns in his Subaru with fuel problems. Meanwhile, Tommi Makinen has extended his lead to almost 2 minutes and is now in a position where he does not have to take unncessary risk to win. Five stages remain tomorrow with a total of 137 km competitive.

In the Ford camp, Carlos Sainz, still learning the car is in second, just keeping ahead of young gun Toni Gardmeister and team-mate Carlos Sainz. Sainz only had some minor problems with brake fade unlike McRae who experienced problems throughout the day including a gearbox which was changed for yesterdays box.

Richard Burns retired after flooding the engine by turning both fuel pumps on togethor rather than one at a time. He did try to fix the problem but ran out of time. Burns: "We tried everything but nothing worked. It was especially frustrating after such a good day yesterday. The worst result now would be for Tommi Makinen to win as I have always believed that he is my strongest rival this year."

Seat are performing well and it is great to see such an increase in competitiveness since last year. Gardmeister is consistently in the top 3. On the long stage (48km) though he hit both the rear left and right of the car and as a result lost the rear brakes. "I thought it was going to be terrible, but once I realised I could use the handbrake and the foot brake togethor, then it was actually quite good." Auriol continued to have problems and by his own admitance was not on the pace. "We've only had two clear stages all rally and so we're using the event as a test."

Armin Schwarz's biggest problem was before the stages even started when his team-mate Luis Climent ran into the back of him and caused rear suspension damage. And then he suffered turbo charger problems during the day but did finish third outright on SS9. Schwarz finished in 11th and Climent who also had engine problems finished in 12th.

Despite not being manufacturer supported, there are more Toyotas in the top 10 that any other car and Bruno Thiry leads the all in 6th place. The rally concludes tomorrow with a further five stage, 137 competitive km, and the first car is expected to finish on the podium at 18:46 (GMT +1)

Provisional Results after Leg 2
1 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 2:45:24,0
2 Sainz Ford Focus 2:47:14,5
3 Gardmeister Seat Cordoba 2:47:39,8
4 McRae Ford Focus 2:47:56,7
5 Kankkunen Subaru Impreza 2:48:27,2
6 Thiry Toyota Corolla 2:49:35,3
7 Loix Mitsu Lancer 2:50:35,6
8 Auriol Seat Cordoba 2:51:59,2
9 Burri Toyota Corolla 2:52:19,2
10 Lundgaard Toyota Corolla 2:53:29,7

Group N
1 Stohl Mitsu Lancer 2:59:02,9
2 Galli Mitsu Lancer 3:00:40,2
3 Trelles Mitsu Lancer 3:01:47,3

1 Pellerey Citroen Saxo 3:11:14,5
2 Bernardi Peugeot 106 s16 3:15:04,6
3 Robert Peugeot 106 s16 3:15:06,9

Generally dry and cold. There are a lot of icy patches and ruts, but also plenty of asphalt.

Stage Winners
SS6 - cancelled, SS7 - Kankkunen, SS8 - Makinen SS9 - McRae, SS10 - Makinen

SS 6: L'Epine - Rosans 31.40 km 1st car: 08:38
Stage was cancelled due to the an extremely large. number of spectators

SS 7: Ruissas - Eygalayes 27.70 km 1st car: 11:11
- Sainz:
"We had no real troubles apart from a little bit of brake fade"
- McRae: "I had difficulty selecting gears at the start of the stage. As we went through the stage it wouldn't select properly and often jumped out of gear. But for that I think we could have climbed to third." The gearbox was changed at the service following this stage
- Makinen: changed center differential at service
Stage Pos/ Driver /Car /Stage Time
1 Kankkunen Subaru Impreza 17:01,6
2 Gardmeister Seat Cordoba 17:05,5
3 Sainz Ford Focus 17:08,7
4 Loix Mitsu Lancer 17:10,0
5 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 17:13,2

SS 8: Plan de Vitrolles - Faye 48.55 km 1st car: 13:29
- Sainz:
"That was a good stage. Our tyre choice was perfect and you can see from our improving times that we're beginning to feel more at home with the Focus."
- McRae: "The car did not perform. We are facing a problem in every stage."
- Makinen: "It was a long and beautiful stage. I would have liked to drive faster but it was tough to go flat out. I cannot wait for others results!"
- Loix: "It was not that easy but one second per km behind Tommi is not so bad!"
- Auriol: "I'm not on the pace"
- Gardemeister: Toni went off the road twice but still managed third
- Schwarz: "I lost turbocharger pressure from 5 km"
Stage Pos/ Driver /Car /Stage Time
1 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 31:06,1
2 Sainz Ford Focus 31:18,0
3 Gardmeister Seat Cordoba 31:18,6
4 McRae Ford Focus 31:29,3
5 Kankkunen Subaru Impreza 31:42,9

SS 9: Prunieres - Embrun 34.12 km 1st car: 16:28
- McRae:
beat his own stage record by 41 seconds to win the stage.
Stage Pos/ Driver /Car /Stage Time
1 McRae Ford Focus 20:09,5
2 Sainz Ford Focus 20:17,3
3 Schwarz Skoda Octavia 20:24,9
4 Gardmeister Seat Cordoba 20:25,9
5 Kankkunen Subaru Impreza 20:28,5

SS 10: Saint Clement - Saint Sauveur 20.58 km 1st car: 17:31
Stage Pos/ Driver /Car /Stage Time
1 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 13:44,1
2 McRae Ford Focus 13:46,1
3 Gardmeister Seat Cordoba 13:54,3
4 Thiry Toyota Corolla 13:56,6
5 Kankkunen Subaru Impreza 14:04,9

Monte Carlo: End of Leg 1
Tommi Makinen is back where he left off - winning. He finishes the 1st Leg of the Monte Carlo rally just 12.5 seconds ahead of Subaru driver Richard Burns. The conditions today have been icy and slippery and the last 2 stage were held in darkness. As usual, tyre choice was the name of the game and it was Makinen who didn't make any mistakes. Others were not so happy with their tyre and suspension settings and already the top 10 drivers are seperated by over 3 minutes.

Makinen: "It's been a good day and I am obviously happy, not only with our position, but how well we have worked with Michelin and our ice crew. We made a good choice of tyres for the last two stages. It was really difficult, with a lot of ice downhill on the last stage especially. The car has been very good but it is still early in the rally so many things can happen and I am looking forward to a good fight with Burns and Panizzi.

Richard Burns took a little more cautious approach today on some stages. "I thought I would see what I could do on the opening stages. The last two years I didn't have the right ice notes but noe our information is better."

In the Peugeot camp, Panizzi and Delecour particularly were on the pace initally but fell back with some minor problems. Delecour has been feeling ill and Panizzi experienced some handling problems. Marcus Gronholm is in 10th after experiencing transmission problems.

Sainz, stilling getting used to the car and particularly the brakes, leads McRae by over 30 seconds who had a couple of bad tyres choices and wasn't driving very well.

Toni Gardmeister was extremely happy to be in 6th place and to be in front of team-mate Auriol. "I expected it to be there other way round!" said Gardmeister. Meanwhile Auriol lost 3 minutes after spinning and accidently locking the center differential, making the car very difficult to drive.

Skoda had a poor first event with Armin Schwarz dropping to 3 cyclinders and he lost over 4 minutes. Luis Climent also dropped 2 minutes after he went off the road and did some minor damage.

Provisional Results after Leg 1
1 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 1:22:34,1
2 Burns Subaru Impreza 1:22:46,4
3 Panizzi Peugeut 206 1:23:04,7
4 Sainz Ford Focus 1:24:25,2
5 Delecour Peugeot 206 1:24:39,0
6 Gardmeister Seat Cordoba 1:24:55,5
7 McRae Ford Focus 1:25:05,9
8 Kankkunen Subaru Impreza 1:25:09,3
9 Thiry Toyota Corolla 1:25:27,6
10 Gronholm Seat Cordoba 1:25:58,3

Group N
1 Nittel Mitsu Lancer 1:28:22,8
2 Stohl Mitsu Lancer 1:29:53,8
3 Trelles Mitsu Lancer 1:31:01,7

1 Pellerey Citroen Saxo 1:35:18,9
2 Rouit Peugeot 106 1:37:23,8
3 Robert Peugeot 106 1:37:44,8

Mainly fine and dry but with ice patches

Stage Winners
SS1 - Panizzi, SS2 - Makinen, SS3 - Burns, SS4 - Makinen, SS5 - Makinen

SS 1: Tourette du Chateau - Saint Antonin (24.81 km) 1st car: 12.03
Stage Pos/ Driver /Car /Stage Time
1 Panizzi Peugeot 206 17:58,2
2 Burns Subaru Impreza 18:03,3
3 Thiry Toyota Corolla 18:10,4
4 Gardmeister Seat Cordoba 18:14,0
5 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 18:16,6

SS 2: Saint Pierre - Entrevaux (30.63 km) 1st car: 12:36
- Makinen:
"We had a vibration towards the end of the stage from the anti deflation mousse in the tyre. But we change them around for the second stage. There was no grip at all on the ice to the end of the second stage though."
- Loix: "The conditions can be very difficult and I don't want to make an early mistake. The last seven kms of the second stage were very difficult.
- Sainz: "I'm still trying to learn the car. At the moment I don't have full confidence in the brakes. There is no problem but I just need more time to adjust."
- McRae: "No problems at all but the conditions are incredibly slippery"
- Panizzi: "Slid off the road on the slippery section near the end of the stage.
- Gronholm: has transmission problems
Stage Pos/ Driver /Car /Stage Time
1 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 22:17,7
2 Burns Subaru Impreza 22:24,8
3 Panizzi Peugeot 206 22:38,7
4 McRae Ford Focus 22:58,2
5 Kankkunen Subaru Impreza 23:04,3

SS 3: Norante - Etablissement Thermal (19.75 km) 1st car: 14:40
- Makinen:
"The stage was pretty normal for me. The tyre compound was maybe a little too soft, but other than that I had no problems.
- Sainz: "The grip is good and the road holding is good so I must learn the boundaries"
- McRae: bad tyre and suspension setting choice on SS3 and is adopting settings from earlier in the day
- Loix: In this rally there is a lot of information to absorb about tyres, weather and road conditions. The stage felt better for me, but now it is going to be interesting as we go into the last two stages in darkness and on studded tyres for the very icy conditions.
- Burns: minor scrape, running wide on a bend just before the finish.
- Auriol: "the car felt very jumpy. We are going to try to soften it."
- Panizzi: "I broke my left rear drivetrain but it was changed during the service. All is fine."
- Gardmesiter: "No problems in this stage. These 3 stages are new to me."
- Thiry: "Caught up with Climent and ran several km behind him."
Stage Pos/ Driver /Car /Stage Time
1 Burns Subaru Impreza 12:49,8
2 Panizzi Peugeot 206 12:51,3
3 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 12:52,4
4 Gardmeister Seat Cordoba 12:58,2
5 Sainz Ford Focua 13:00,9

SS 4: Selonnet - Breziers (17.94 km) 1st car: 17:28
- Makinen:
Picked the right tyres but found the roads difficult because of the ice
- Burns: things are alright overall. I choose to be cautious. I do not think I am the fastest here, since my choice of tyres was made according to SS5
- Auriol: "I stalled the engine in second gear in a left hand hairpin and I lost 15 seconds before I could restart"
- Loix: "It was very difficult"
- McRae: "not too good! I drove poorly in some bends."
- Panizzi: "The roads were very tricky and I did not react. The engine lacks driveability and this makes the alternating ice and tarmac more difficult.
- Delcour: "This is still physically exhausting!"
- Thiry: "Very difficult, but everything is ok"
Stage Pos/ Driver /Car /Stage Time
1 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 12:47,6
2 Panizzi Peugeot 206 13:01,6
3 Burns Subaru Impreza 13:01,9
4 Sainz Ford Focus 13:07,1
5 Delecour Peugeot 13:13,1

SS 5: Rochebrune - Urtis (19.70 km) 1st car: 18:01
Stage Pos/ Driver /Car /Stage Time
1 Makinen Mitsu Lancer 16:19,8
2 Burns Subaru Impreza 16:26,6
3 Panizzi Peugeot 206 16:34,9
4 Sainz Ford Focus 16:36,8
5 Gronholm Peugeot 16:41,6

Monte Carlo Introduction
Welcome to Monte Carlo, the first round of the 2000 FIA World Rally Championship
The Monte Carlo Rally is the oldest of all events in the World Rally Championship and was first held in 1911. The Principality of Monaco is an independent sovereign state located between the foot of the Southern Alps and the Mediterranean and it borders with several French villages. Thousands of spectators come to watch the Monte Carlo no matter what the conditions.
As a rally, it is perhaps one of the least predictable. Varying altitudes and weather conditions have an impact on road conditions - roads may be dry at the bottom of a mountain, snowy on the top and wet on the other side! This makes tyre choice difficult for drivers and critical for rally winners.

Tommi Makinen, reigning champion: "Of course Monte Carlo is always a very difficult rally and you never know what can happen, but we have done a lot of testing, in France and in Lapland, and I think we have some good solutions. The car is very nice to drive and I am looking forward to it,"

Richard Burns: "This rally is won by the person who makes the least mistakes. Getting tyres right really is crucial, but we've done some good testing with Pirelli and things are looking good. As far as the Championship goes, I've certainly got high expectations, but I'm just concentrating on getting the points at the moment."

Juha Kankkunen: "I think I'm better prepared for this year's event than I was last year, I've had more time with the team for testing and I know the car much better now. But this rally is not easy for sure, the conditions are always changing because of the weather - one minute it will be icy then half an hour later it's melted so we'll just have to see."

Colin McRae: "Everything is very unpredictable. The special stages themselves are not difficult but the constantly changing conditions, where the roads can be snowy and icy on one side of a mountain and bone dry on the other make it very hard,"

Carlos Sainz (Ford): "My target for the rally is to get more experience with the car and the ideal situation would be to finish and score points. A podium would be fantastic. It will be important to develop a good feeling straight away. If I'm confident with the car from the very beginning it will be much easier."

Francois Delecour: "It's going to be fast and furious straight into the opening stage, but the second day, which includes a 48km stage,promises to be the toughest. There will be a certain amount of pressure on me because I know a lot of people are counting on me. A French driver in a French car on the Monte Carlo is big news."

Gilles Panizzi: "The Monte Carlo is a magical if demanding event which enjoys a hugh media following. Winning it is every driver's dream. Its special feature is of course the fact that weather conditions can be so changeable. The profile of the stages can change completely between recce and the start, so experience is particularly important. But with only three previous starts to my name in the last ten years, including one as an amateur, I don't know the event that well. Even so, I showed last year that I can be competitive. I feel very confident."

Didier Auriol (Seat): "This year's Monte Carlo will be very different for me, as it will be with a new car, a new team and new tyres. Pre-season testing has gone well, and I believe we have achieved the best we can for the moment.The Cordoba WRC E2 is quite an easy car to drive, and for Monte Carlo we have worked a lot on the suspension, differentials and geometry to make it handle better on asphalt.

Winners from the 1999 Monte Carlo
1 Makinen Mitsubishi 5:16:50,6
2 Kankkunen Subaru 5:18:35,3
3 Auriol Toyota 5:20:43,4
4 Delecour Ford 5:20:51,8
5 Thiry Subaru 5:20:53,1
6 Liatti Seat 5:23:48,7
7 Rovanpera Seat 5:23:52,9
8 Burns Subaru 5:26:15,2
9 Lungaard Toyota 5:30:56,8
10 Duez Mitsubishi 5:43:31,2

Formula 2:
1 Gardemeister Seat 5:53:50,3
2 Maselli Renault 5:58:30,93 Rouit Citroen 6:14:43,1

Group N:
1 Duez Mit Carisma 5:43:31,2
2 Trelles Mit Evo V 5:51:07,7
3 Spiliotis Impreza WRX 5:54:59,7

Recent Winners.
1987 Miki Biasion/Tiziano Siviero Lancia Delta HF 4WD (74.61 kph)
1988 Bruno Saby/Jean-Francois Fauchille Lancia Delta HF 4WD (85.27 kph)
1989 Miki Biasion/Tiziano Siviero Lancia Delta Integrale (84.89 kph)
1990 Didier Auriol/Bernard Occelli Lancia Delta Integrale (93.53 kph)
1991 Carlos Sainz/Luis Moya Toyota Celica GT-Four (89.98 kph)
1992 Didier Auriol/Bernard Occelli Lancia Delta HF Integrale (87.77 kph)
1993 Didier Auriol/Bernard Occelli Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD (95.33 kph)
1994 Fracois Delecour/D.Grataloup Ford Escort RS Cosworth (94.83 kph)
1995 Carlos Sainz/Luis Moya Subaru Impreza 555 (83.58 kph)
1996 Patrick Bernardini/B.Occelli Ford Escort RS Cosworth (85.50 kph)
1997 Piero Liatti/Fabrizia Pons Subaru Impreza WRCar (89.50 kph)
1998 Carlos Sainz/ Luis Moya Toyota Corolla WRC (80.42 kph)
1999 Tommi Makinen/Risto Mannisenmaki Mitsubishi Lancer Evo

Monte Carlo: Stage Details & Entry List
The Monte Carlo Rally has just 15 stages this year but it totals 413 competitive km and 1,469 total km. The first leg begins today with the shortest leg, five stages and takes competitors from Monaco to Gap. The second leg surrounds Gap and includes one of the longest special stages of the championship at 48km. Finally on Saturday, the cars return to Monte, concluding on the most famous stage of all, the Col de Turini.

Thursday 20th January
Leg One - Monaco to Gap (385.00 km)
10:20 Start from Monaco
12.03 SS 1 Tourette du Chateau - Saint Antonin 24.81 km
12:36 SS 2 Saint Pierre - Entrevaux 30.63 km
14:40 SS 3 Norante - Etablissement Thermal 19.75 km
17:28 SS 4 Selonnet - Breziers 17.94 km
18:01 SS 5 Rochebrune - Urtis 19.70 km
19:40 End of leg 1 in Gap

Friday 21st January
Leg Two - Gap to Gap (532.66 km)
07:00 Start from Gap
08:38 SS6 L'Epine - Rosans 31.40 km
11:11 SS7 Ruissas - Eygalayes 27.70 km
13:29 SS8 Plan de Vitrolles - Faye 48.55 km
16:28 SS9 Prunieres - Embrun 34.12 km
17:31 SS10 Saint Clement - Saint Sauveur 20.58 km
19:56 End of leg 2 in Gap

Saturday 22 January
Leg Three - Gap to Monaco (550.91 km)
06:00 Start from Gap
07:12 SS11 Selonnet - Breziers 17.94 km
07:45 SS12 Rochebrune - Urtis 19.70 km
09:25 SS13 Sisteron - Thoard 36.94 km
12:40 SS14 Saint Auban - Bif. D 10 / D 17 29.17 km
15:56 SS15 Sospel - La Bollene Vesubie 33.80 km
18:46 Finish of the rally in Monaco

Full Entry List
(92 cars)
12 FIA 1st seeded drivers
8 FIA 2nd Seeded drivers
1 Tommi Makinen/Risto Mannisenmaki (Fin) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo A8
2 Freddy Loix/Sven Smeets (B) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo A8
3 Richard Burns/Robert Reid (GB) Subaru Impreza WRC A8
4 Juha Kankkunen/Juha Repo (Fin) Subaru Impreza WRC A8
5 Colin Mcrae/Nicky Grist (GB) Ford Focus WRC A8
6 Carlos Sainz/Luis Moya (E) Ford Focus WRC A8
7 Didier Auriol/Denis Giraudet (F) Seat Cordoba WRC A8
8 Toni Gardemeister/Paavo Lukander (Fin) Seat Cordoba WRC A8
9 François Delecour/Daniel Grataloup (F) Peugeot 206 WRC A8
10 Gilles Panizzi/Hervé Panizzi (F) Peugeot 206 WRC A8
11 Armin Schwarz/Manfred Hiener (D) Skoda Octavia WRC A8
12 Luis Climent/Alex Romani (E) Skoda Octavia WRC A8

16 Gustavo Trelles/Martin Cristhie (ROU/E) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4
17 Marcus Gronholm/Timo Rantiainen (Fin) Peugeot 206 WRC A8
18 Bruno Thiry/Stéphane Prevot (B) Toyota Corolla WRC A8
19 Henrik Lundgaard/Christian Anker Jens (DK) Toyota Corolla WRC A8
20 Olivier Burri/Ch Hofmann (CH) Toyota Corolla WRC A8
21 Manfred Stohl/Peter Muller (A) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4
22 Uwe Nittel/Detlef Ruf (D) Mitsubishi Carisma Evo N4
23 Boris Popovic/Antonio Morassi (SLO/I) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4
24 Andrea Maselli/Nicola Arena (I) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 N4
25 Gianluigi Galli/Guido.Dâamore (I) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4
26 Pieter Tsjoen/Steven Vergalle (B) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4
27 Alessandro Ghezzi/Primo Zonca (I) Toyota Corolla WRC A8
28 Piero Lorenzo Zanchi/Primo Zonca (I) Toyota Corolla WRC A8
29 Christophe Arnaud/Stéphane Arnaud (F) Subaru Impreza A8

30 Italo Ferrara/Gabriele Bobbio (I) Lancia Delta Hf A8
31 Nigel Heath/Chris Patterson (GB) Subaru Impreza A8
32 Pierre Cariesta/Christophe Gianti (F) Subaru Impreza A8
33 Roberto Di Giuseppe/Francesco Carugno (I) Lancia Delta Int A8
34 Georg Ludwig Ruehl/Jean Luddwig Ruehl (D) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo A8
35 Richard Hein/Philippe Servol (MC/F) Peugeot 306 Maxi A7
36 Bernard Jaussaud/ (F) Renault Clio Williams A7
37 Frederic Maniccia/Richard Thaon (F) Renault Clio A7
38 Andreas Von Skopnik/Karl Rietz (D) Opel Astra A7
39 Nicolas Ressegaire/Regis Ressegaire (F) Peugeot 306 A7

40 Laurent Scherrer/J B Garcin (F) Peugeot 205 Gti A7
41 Gilles Chevalier/Robert Patti (F) Renault Clio A7
42 Renaud Dolce/Jerome Boisseranc (F) Citroën Zx 16v A7
43 Cedric Robert/Lionel Currat (F) Peugeot 106 S16 A6
44 Alain Pellerey/Jose Boyer (F) Citroën Saxo Kit Car A6
45 Nicolas Bernardi/J J Renucci (F) Peugeot 106 S16 A6
46 Michel Farnaud/Patrice Mallet (F) Citroën Saxo Vts A6
47 Jerome Vergepion/F.Mlynarczyk (F) Citroën Saxo A6
48 Patrice Rouit/Dominique Lamy (F) Peugeot 106 S16 A6
49 Bruno Saunier/J Pierre Savoye (F) Citroën Saxo A6

50 Romeo Zunino/Mauro Coscia (I) Peugeot 106 Xsi A5
51 Olivier Gillet/Freddy Delorme (CH/F) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4
52 Philippe Rognoni/Etienne Patrone (F) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4
53 Nicolas Latil/- (F) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4
54 Claude Carret/Julian Carret (F) Mitsuvishi Lancer Evo N4
55 Hermann Gassner/Siegfried Schrankl (D) Proton Pert N4
56 Frederic Schmit/Christophe Schmit (F) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4
57 Marco Menegatto/Roberto Vittori (I) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4
58 Marta Candian/Mara Biotti (I) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4
59 Raimo Hameenniemi/Jaakko Pikkarainen (Fin) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4

60 Richard Bourcier/Jean Marc Ducousso (F) Subaru Impreza N4
61 David Truphemus/Pascal Saivre (F) Ford Escort N4
62 Bob Colsoul/Tom Colsoul (B) Mitsubishi Lancer N4
63 Ricardo Garosci/J Ch Descamps (I/F) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N6
64 Michael Stoschek/Klaus Wagner (D) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4
65 Uwe Forkert/Fred Winklhofer (D) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4
66 Radek Svec/Hana Komarovova (CZ) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo N4
67 Serge Amorotti/Herve Amorotti (F) Ford Escort N4
68 Gerard Picot/Nadine Gadet (F) Subaru Impreza N4
69 François Bonny/Christiane Bonny (CH) Ford Escort Cosworth N4

70 Mickael De Castelli/Michel Robinet (F) Subaru Impreza N4
71 Lilian Polge/Marie Noëlle Polge (F) Subaru Impreza N4
72 Christian Caffardo/Marielle Vescovi (F) Subaru Impreza Gt Turb N4
73 Fruelle Jourdain/Pascal Serre (F) Mazda 323 Gtr N4
74 Jurgen Barth/J C Perramond (D) Seat Ibiza Tdi N4
75 Gabriele Cadringher/Gianfranco Serembe (I) Seat Ibiza Tdi N4
76 Brice Tirabassi/Sabrina De Castelli (F) Peugeot 306 N3
77 Horst Rotter/Volker Schmidt (D) Opel Astra N3
78 Serge Guiramand/Jerome Favier (F) Renault Clio N3
79 Pascal Imbert/Nathalie Imbert (F) Renault Clio Williams N3

80 Stephane CornuBenoit Legras (F) Peugeot 205 Gti N3
81 Marc Dessi/Vanessa Dessi (MC) Peugeot 205 N3
82 Christian Grillerer/Stephane Cambon (F) Honda Integrale N3
83 Bruno Zonta/Roger Lassalle (F) Renault Clio Williams N3
84 Miguel Baudouin/Mattei Renault Clio Williams N3
85 Jean-Pierre Roche/Christophe Preve (F) Renault Clio N3
86 Claude Bensimon/Emmanuel Bracconi (F) Renault Clio 16s N3
87 Michel Giry/Marion Giry (F) Peugeot 306 N3
88 Michel Bour/Denise Bour (F) Citroën Saxo Vts 16s N2
89 Pascal Allemand/Florent Allemand (F) Peugeot 106 Rallye N2

90 Jean-Noël Dupouy/Stepha Pozzo Di Borgo (F) Peugeot 106 Rallye N2
91 Johan Bastiaens/Marc Ceyssens (B) Honda Civic Vti N2
92 Roger Grimaud/J C Grimaud (F) Honda Civic Vti N2
93 Paul Ristori/Lucie Paoli (F) Peugeot 106 Rallye N1
94 Jean-Pierre Manavella/J.Mercier (F) Skoda Felicia Sporty N1
95 Thierry Chabanne/Isabelle Bernard (F) Peugeot 106 Xsi N1

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