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Extreme E 2024
Extreme E 2024
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24-02-21 Travis Pastrana on a rollercoaster Extreme E debut at the Desert X Prix
He may have only turned the wheel of an ODYSSEY 21 in anger for the first time on the morning of Free Practice for the Desert X Prix, but off-road racing legend Travis Pastrana made quite the impression on his Extreme E debut.

Partnering Gray Leadbetter at LEGACY MOTOR CLUB IN ASSOCIATION WITH JIMMIE JOHNSON (LEGACY M.C.) while Johnson was competing in the Daytona 500, Pastrana put on a show in Rounds 1 and 2 of Season 4.

Despite being a late arrival into Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, not to mention recovering from a recent knee replacement operation, Pastrana showed the potential of the LEGACY M.C. outfit with two gutsy displays in the opening X Prix of the championship, as well as supporting the exceptional development of Leadbetter in what was also her maiden Extreme E weekend.

Although unable to reach a Grand Final at the Desert X Prix, not to mention defeat long-time adversary Mattias Ekström (we’ll get to that!), Pastrana revelled in his first Extreme E event. Here’s the thoughts of the man himself reflecting on LEGACY M.C.’s first-ever X Prix in the series.

Extreme E: Welcome to Extreme E, Travis! Can you tell us about the moment you got the call to come and join the series in Saudi Arabia?
Travis Pastrana: I got the call from Jimmie not too long ago, actually. He said, ‘hey, I really want to do something off-road and something in Extreme E, and there might be an opportunity to join’. We’re fairly good friends, but we’re either doing something together or our lives are years apart and we are in different worlds. So when he called, I figured that means that it’s serious and to count me in. I said that if you can make it happen I’ve got that weekend off. Well, I was meant to be on family vacation, but I said I’ll go!

Because the big picture of this, for LEGACY M.C. in particular, is huge for motorsport and it’s huge for off-road in general.

XE: What did you know of Extreme E beforehand as well as the drivers that compete in it?
TP: I’m a huge fan of racing. I come across as a little goofy sometimes, but I’m just like a kid in a candy shop when I go to races. I knew Jimmie wasn’t going to do this without a proper team and they’ve exceeded everyone’s hope.

It is a very friendly paddock, too. It is the first time I have gotten to spend time with a few of them, especially some of the women drivers, while some I know from competing in Nitrocross. The two drivers that I don’t get to race a lot of the time are Johan Kristofferson and Mattias Ekström and I have to say that going up against Ekström was kind of the cherry on top for me to compete – maybe that was the sweetener!

XE: The series has a pioneering gender-equal racing format, which is unique in motorsport. What are your thoughts on that aspect to the championship?
TP: There is no reason why a woman cannot be better than a male driver in cars. It’s not a physical thing, it’s an experience thing. As a father with two girls I think it’s awesome – there’s so many opportunities to get girls into karts and buggies, and it brings the whole family closer instead of what used to happen in motocross – where the fathers and the sons would go, and now it’s the fathers, daughters, mums and sons, too. Everyone is coming together across motorsport, however Extreme E is the first series to really show that.

In one of the races I was second trying to close Mikaela [Åhlin-Kottulinsky] down and I could not get near her. There has definitely been a massive improvement from the first year of Extreme E to now, four seasons in, regarding the pace of the women drivers, which has been astronomical. More women are now not only getting the chance to race in Extreme E, but test themselves in other cars and championships, boosting their skills on a track and off-road – that’s cool.

XE: How quickly were you able to get dialled into the LEGACY M.C. ODYSSEY 21 and the series’ racing format?
TP: There’s so much to contend with in this championship and that’s undoubtedly where drivers like Ekström and Kristofferson, and the teams that are winning, are dialled in on those processes and make limited mistakes. From my perspective, driving the car on the second lap is about as good in a vehicle as I’m going to get in anything, and the last few seconds of a lap come from not necessarily taking chances, but being willing to go and to drive on the edge. I was driving on two wheels for half of the track!

A big thing, though, was not crashing the car for Jimmie. He hasn’t said that out loud, but you don’t want a big shunt in your opening weekend competing in this series. Nevertheless, in Round 2 we were close to the Grand Final, and so I turned up a little bit of the risk – within reason, of course. We knew what we had to do and the risk was going to be the pay-out. It was close. We had a shot as a team to be in there and we were gutted to just miss out.

XE: What did you make of Gray’s Extreme E debut?
TP: Her progress has been incredible. In Round 1, as soon as Kevin Hansen passed her, she didn’t panic and just put her foot down in the dust – she turned in some of the fastest sectors from the women all day. That takes guts.

And then in Round 2, it took Kristofferson a lap to get around her. I mean he’s arguably the best driver in this discipline in the entire world. I’ve jumped in everything in terms of racing, so getting into a new vehicle or an ODYSSEY 21 isn’t an excuse because I’ve seen most things, but Gray is just 19. She’s so new. She’s done a lot, of course, but is still learning. I am so proud of her and how well she’s done on her first weekend in the series.

XE: Do you think the appetite for Extreme E in the US will grow as result of LEGACY M.C. joining the series?
TP: A big reason that I’m over here now is that I feel that this series is helping off-road racing to grow, and it’s helping bridge the gap for electric. My Dad’s generation would say that if it doesn’t make noise and burn gas, it’s difficult. However, there is so much quality in the field in Extreme E, and now we have the likes of Jimmie Johnson involved, so its building momentum.

What the series has going for it, too, is a lot of great racing. The Round 1 Grand Final was exceptional – it was one of the best races I’ve ever seen in my whole life. When people see the racing as good as it is, that helps a lot in terms of converting people to electric and sustainable racing. From there, they can then see it’s way faster than they first thought. Green technologies and power aside, we have to show that it can be as exciting or more exciting than what people may know. That last part is key and then people will be hooked.

There is definitely a gap to be bridged in motorsport. Extreme H and hydrogen development is also going to be a great thing going forward. My kids don’t want to touch anything with gas. They love electric bikes because they can go out in anyone’s back yard if they have an acre and run around – even when they are at a barbeque or something like that. I couldn’t do that as a kid because the bikes were too loud, so the change is coming.

XE: On reflection, how would you sum up your Extreme E debut?
TP: It’s exceeded my expectations. As far as the excitement in the ODYSSEY 21 goes, you can really race and you have a big desert or terrain to really do it in, of course, rather than a narrower circuit. It challenges the car and it challenges the drivers. It is a really cool championship.

XE: Would you like to give it another go this season (and beyond!)?
TP: Absolutely! I really hope to have another opportunity to do this again this year with a knee that can get in and out of the car – and also to come back with a little more knowledge!

I was also so close to ticking off that bucket list item of beating Mattias [Ekström]. We were just 0.6s off in that last Redemption Race and so I would absolutely love another shot at it.

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24-02-18 ASXE take Round 2 victory in Jeddah to conclude Extreme E Desert X Prix
ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team (ASXE) took their first win of the season in Round 2 of the Desert X Prix.

Fraser McConnell and Laia Sanz brought home the victory for the Spanish outfit, holding off Andretti Altawkilat's Timmy Hansen and Catie Munnings who enjoyed a welcome return to form.

E.ON Veloce Racing finished third once more in Saudi Arabia securing back-to-back podiums ahead of Rosberg X Racing (RXR) who rounded out the order in the Round 2 Grand Final.

The result moves ASXE up to second in the drivers standings, two points adrift of RXR who head the leaderboard with E.ON Veloce Racing completing the top-three positions.

Fraser McConnell, ASXE, said: “I am really happy for the team, happy for Laia and everybody back in Jamaica. This is a big, big win. Stepping into this team was such a huge step for me. So many other people could have had the opportunity, but I was chosen by Carlos and the team to be here. They saw something in me, they believed in me, and this gave me so much confidence to dig as deep as I could. I am living this opportunity as if it is my last, making sure I can make a name for myself and the team. Carlos has been a hero of mine growing up, so racing for him is such a feeling. It has been a very good first weekend.

“Yesterday we didn't get what we wanted, but these things can happen when you push. We are here to win, not to be second or third, and everyone in ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team is doing everything they can to fulfill this goal. I am going to enjoy this win as much as I can. It is a long break now until the next round, but we will go through everything to analyze what we did right and what we did wrong. We will carry the positives and work on the negatives. Awesome feeling and ready to go for it again.”

Laia Sanz, ASXE, said: “I am super happy. This weekend was a tough fight because the pace is super high and everyone is improving, but I am super happy to take this first race victory with Fraser. Winning this race is made even more special after what happened last year in the season finale, where we narrowly missed the title. The team has done a great job this weekend to improve the car in each session and we felt really quick in the Grand Final, with enough strength to go for the win.

“We are feeling well as we leave Saudi Arabia. We know that the Championship will be very tight, but today we saw that we have the pace to go for the win. Today we proved it. We must keep working hard.”

The start was always going to be crucial in the Round 2 Grand Final, and it was ASXE’s McConnell who got the best launch of all to lead out of the first turn. It was an advantage the Jamaican never surrendered, putting ASXE in prime position to take the victory in his debut X Prix for the team.

Behind McConnell, Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E’s Timmy Hansen settled into second place as RXR’s Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky and E.ON Veloce Racing’s Molly Taylor traded positions, with the Australian eventually coming out on top for the British outfit.

That was how the order stayed as the teams headed towards the Switch Zone for the driver change after two laps.

When the ODYSSEY 21s emerged, ASXE’s Sanz was immediately under huge pressure from Andretti Altawkilat’s Munnings. Try as she might, however, the Briton could not get ahead, with Sanz defending expertly to maintain the lead.

And the Spaniard held her nerve to take ASXE’s first win of Season 4 in front of a jubilant Carlos Sainz Snr, with second place for Andretti Altawkilat ensuring their first podium since the Island X Prix last summer.

Behind them, E.ON Veloce Racing’s Kevin Hansen and RXR’s Johan Kristoffersson duelled for the final podium slot, with the former coming out on top to secure a second third-place finish in as many days, and ensuring both Hansen brothers finished on the podium.

Nico Rosberg’s outfit had to settle for fourth after taking Round 1 honours yesterday, but still head the championship standings after the opening X Prix of the 2024 campaign.

Earlier today, the NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team secured crucial points with victory in the Redemption Race, sealing the win by overtaking series debutants LEGACY MOTOR CLUB IN ASSOCIATION WITH JIMMIE JOHNSON in the closing stages.

Timmy Hansen, Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E, said: “It was a tough battle, especially off the start. My plan was not to do what I did, but I managed to get a launch which was better than expected and I did not see any one. But then Fraser [McConnell] got past me and I had to make sure I kept second position.

“Fraser and I kept our heads down, and pushed as hard as we could to give our team-mates a good headstart after the driver change. I tried my best to close the gap, but it was so bumpy and dusty in the Grand Final.”

Catie Munnings, Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E, said: “It’s fantastic to start the year with a podium, I always think the start of the season sets the tone for the rest of the year. We definitely had the pace and we were unlucky with our quali draw yesterday, which meant that we didn’t make it to the final, so it was really nice to redeem ourselves today. I think we had the pace to win but I think we’ll save that one for later in the year!”

Kevin Hansen, E.ON Veloce Racing, said: “The team put together an amazing car for us. There wasn’t a single problem all weekend, so it was up to us out there to make the most of it. A special shout out to the guys in the Vodafone Business Command Centre as they did a fantastic job coaching us through the races. At the end of the day, we’re super happy with a double podium to start off the season and we’re up there in the title fight for sure.”

Molly Taylor, E.ON Veloce Racing, said: “It has been a great weekend for us. We had some fantastic battles and it was really challenging in the dust, but we had some amazing speed and the team have been on fire. It was really important at this point to take some solid points in the championship, and we’ve definitely started Season 4 on the right foot.”

Grand Final result
1. ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team 10:54.593mins
2. Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E +1.406s
3. E.ON Veloce Racing +4.662
4. Rosberg X Racing +8.051

Redemption Race result
1. NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team 8:32.825mins
3. SUN Minimeal Team +9.809s

Championship standings
1. Rosberg X Racing 41 points
2. ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team 39 points
3. E.ON Veloce Racing 33 points
4. Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E 31 points
5. NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team 30 points
7. SUN Minimeal Team 10 points
8. JBXE 10 points

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24-02-18 SUN Minimeal experiences an instructive debut
Difficult second day of racing for the SUN Minimeal Team with Timo Scheider and Klara Andersson at the Extreme E season opener in Saudi Arabia.

Wolfhalden, 18.02.2024. The second day of the Extreme E 2024 season opener in Saudi Arabia also fell into the "lesson" category for the new SUN Minimeal Team. As on the previous day, team boss and driver Timo Scheider (45) as well as his Swedish team mate Klara Andersson (23) set a promising pace on the selective desert circuit not far from Jeddah. However, technical problems, particularly in the area of the engines, once again prevented the new team led by two-time DTM champion Scheider from achieving a top position on their debut.

After 7th place in qualifying, Scheider got off to a strong start in the 'Redemption Race', which had to be abandoned after a competitor had rolled over. Thanks to the high safety standards of the battery-electric ODYSSEY21 prototype, the spectacular incident fortunately ended without any serious consequences. After the restart, Scheider handed over the SUN Minimeal car in second place to team partner Andersson, who had to admit defeat to two-time DTM champion and former rallycross world champion Mattias Ekström after a fierce fightback. In the end, the SUN Minimeal team finished seventh overall.

"I think that was the most difficult race weekend ever for me in Extreme E," admitted Timo Scheider. "We replaced a lot of parts on the car to get to the root of the problem. But we're not really any smarter yet. As disappointing as the result here in Saudi Arabia was, it was positive for me to realize that the new team is already working very well. Despite only getting one hour of sleep last night, everyone was fully motivated and focused again today. I can only thank everyone for their tireless efforts!"

"The weekend was really tough," sighed Klara Andersson. "The whole team is working with maximum effort to find out what the problem was. Everyone is disappointed, but no one is hanging their heads, no one is giving up. That makes me confident that we will solve our problems and come back all the stronger. We'll keep pushing!"

The Extreme E teams now await a longer break until the second showdown of the season onJuly 13/14. The European venue is yet to be announced. Team boss Scheider's timetable: "After the tight and sometimes hectic preparation period, we will take our time to work through the season opener and test extensively before really getting going in July. I have no doubt that the entire team has the potential to fight for top positions in this highly competitive field."

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24-02-18 Mästerskapsledning direkt för RXR
Rosberg X Racing fick en bra start på Extreme E-säsongen i Saudiarabien. En seger och en fjärdeplats betyder mästerskapsledning för Johan Kristoffersson och Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky.
- En seger i Saudi och att åka härifrån med mästerskapsledning med två poäng är vi supernöjda med, säger Kristoffersson.

På förhand antydde Johan Kristoffersson att sanden i Saudiarabien inte var favoritunderlag för den värmländska duon, men den här gången bevisade de motsatsen.
- Kanske det mest utmanande underlaget på året för mig och Mikaela. Men vi har förberett oss lite bättre den här gången och jag tycker det har hjälpt, säger Johan och tänker kanske främst på det test man genomförde i Portugal inför säsongsstarten.

RXR satte full fart redan från start och var helt omutliga i lördagens premiärrace. Seger i första kvalomgången och en ny triumf i den andra.
- Tuffa heat och en svår bana, men allt har funkat bra och vi har haft en bra bil.

Finalen blev en av de mest underhållande i Extreme E-historien. Kristoffersson/Åhlin-Kottulinsky fick gå en riktig holmgång mot Mattias Ekström/Cristina Gutierrez i NEOM McLaren. Herrarna inledde och Ekström såg ut att vinna det prestigemötet innan Kristoffersson levererade en omkörningsmanöver av utmärkt slag.
- Att lyckas köra om Mattias är alltid kul. Han är en chaufför jag har stor respekt för och då känns det extra bra att kunna lämna över i ledning till Mikaela.

Åhlin-Kottulinsky fick också plocka fram sina yttersta talanger i kamp med Gutierrez. Spanjorskan tog sig förbi och såg ut att ha säkrat segern för sitt team, men värmländskan hade ett ess kvar att spela ut fram till en knapp seger med 0,16 sekunder.
- Ett häftigt race med många omkörningar och stentufft om segern. Extra kul att kunna vinna under sådan press, sammanfattar Kristoffersson.

Andra dagen började precis lika bra för RXR. Seger i såväl första som andra kvalomgången. I finalen blev dock läget lite kärvare.
- Det var trångt i starten och svårt att komma fram. När vi hamnade lite efter i de första kurvorna så dammade det otroligt mycket och var svårt att se. Jag tycker ändå Mikaela höll upp det bra där bakom Molly.

Johan fick gå ut som fyra, precis bakom Kevin Hansen i Veloce Racing.
- Han använde sin hyperdrive direkt ut från växlingszonen och fick ett litet försprång. Jag trodde nog att jag skulle komma lite närmare och få ett slagläge, men Kevin var snabb och med allt damm så var det svårt att se spåren och då tappar man mer och mer. Det gick inte att göra så mycket mer, konstaterar Johan efter fjärdeplatsen i andra rundan där segern gick till Acciona Sainz.
- Det är ett tufft mästerskap. Ett så starkt förarpar som Mattias och Cristina är inte ens i final andra dagen. Det visar att det är viktigt att vara med och samla poäng hela tiden även om man inte kan vinna eller stå på pallen varje gång.

Och samlade poäng gjorde Kristoffersson och Åhlin-Kottulinsky, totalt 41 poäng närmare bestämt. Det betyder att man leder mästerskapet med två poäng före Acciona Sainz inför nästa tävling i juli, där tävlingsorten ännu inte är bestämd.
24-02-18 RXR top nail-biting Round 2 Qualifying at the Extreme E Desert X Prix
Defending champions and Round 1 winners Rosberg X Racing (RXR) continue their dominant run, coming out on top in Qualifying in the second round Season 4 the Desert X Prix in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Nico Rosberg’s outfit continued where they left off yesterday, with Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinksy and Johan Kristoffersson winning both of their Qualifying Heats to top the standings as they did in the opening round, securing a spot in the Round 2 Grand Final.

ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team (ASXE), who ended Round 1 with a DNF in the Grand Final, enter the top four once more. The Spanish outfit took honours in Qualifying 1 Heat 2, and third place in their next qualifying Heat was enough to see the team through.

While Andretti Altawkilat just missed out on the Heat win in the first qualifying session behind ASXE, Catie Munnings and Timmy Hansen executed the perfect comeback in Qualifying 2 to win their first Qualfiying Heat of Season 4. This sees the team through to the Grand Final following a Redemption Race win in Round 1.

After a nail-biting Qualifying 2, E.ON Veloce Racing and NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team finished level on points, but a quicker time in the Continental Traction Challenge sees Kevin Hansen and Molly Taylor through to Grand Final where they’ll look to top third-place in Round 1 for E.ON Veloce Racing.

Round 1 runners-up NEOM McLaren XE, along with the three remaining teams, will fight it out in the Redemption Race for valuable championship points.

Qualifying 1 – Heat 1
LEGACY MOTOR CLUB WITH JIMMIE JOHNSON’s (LEGACY M.C.) Travis Pastrana snatched the lead at the start of Heat 1, ahead of yesterday’s top-three teams – RXR, E.ON Veloce Racing, and NEOM McLaren.

The off-road racing legend continued to extend his advantage, taking a lead of seven seconds into the Switch Zone. Disaster struck for the all-new American outfit, though, as the team was awarded a 17-second penalty for a Switch Zone infringement.

LEGACY M.C.’s Gray Leadbetter still maintained track position as the teams exited the Switch Zone. After a valiant defensive effort, the 19-year-old was passed by RXR’s Kristoffersson heading into the final lap, and dropped back to third on track as Hansen moved E.ON Veloce Racing up to second.

Leadbetter managed to keep ahead of NEOM McLaren XE’s Mattias Ekström as the teams crossed the finish line at the end of the Heat, but the Round 1 runners-up moved ahead of LEGACY M.C. following the latter’s time-penalty.

Qualifying 1 – Heat 2
ASXE’s Fraser McConnell made the best start in Heat 2, leading the pack after the first turn as SUN Minimeal Team’s Timo Scheider and Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E’s Hansen battled for second, with JBXE’s Dania Akeel close behind.

The pair fought hard throughout the opening two laps, making contact as they jockeyed for position, but it was Hansen who eventually came out on top to move Andretti Altawkilat into second place. Following the driver change, Catie Munnings was right on Laia Sanz’s tail throughout the last two laps, but the Briton could not get past and the Spaniard claimed the all-important Heat 2 victory for ASXE.

Klara Andersson brought home the SUN Minimeal Team ODYSSEY 21 in third place, with Andreas Bakkerud rounding out the order for JBXE in fourth.

Qualifying 2 – Heat 1
Another strong start from Ekström saw the NEOM McLaren XE car undercut the rest of the pack, and a quick deployment of the ENOWA Hyperdrive after Turn 1 saw the Swede leading the pack into Turn 2. Close behind E.ON Veloce Racing’s Hansen kept Andretti Altawkilat’s Munnings and JBXE’s Bakkerud in his mirrors as he set off in pursuit of Ekström.

Munnings kept the leading pair within reach throughout her stint, giving her teammate Hansen just two seconds to overcome as he chased down NEOM McLaren XE’s Gutierréz and E.ON Veloce Racing’s Taylor further upfield, as the Australian jumped ahead of Gutiérrez with a slick driver change in the Switch Zone.

Hansen had to fight hard to make it past Gutierréz, as the Spaniard shut the door on the Andretti Altawkilat driver multiple times throughout the opening lap. Some clever manoeuvering from Hansen soon secured the overtake, though, and the Swede carried that pace in pursuit of Taylor, soon executing the undercut to take first from E.ON Veloce Racing.

NEOM McLaren XE’s Gutierréz, determined to see her team through to another Desert X Prix Grand Final, managed to get ahead of E.ON Veloce Racing’s Taylor with a late move before the finish line. Gutierréz may have stolen second-place in the Heat by 0.4 seconds, but they were unable to steal E.ON Veloce Racing’s spot in the Grand Final. Fourth in the Heat for JBXE means they join NEOM McLaren XE in the Redemption Race.

Qualifying 2 – Heat 2
SUN Minimeal Team’s Andersson was quickest off the line, but it was RXR’s Kristoffersson who took the early lead, using the favoured inside line through the opening corner. The Swede was followed by ASXE’s Sanz, who used the same tactics to get ahead of Andersson and Leadbetter in the LEGACY M.C. car.

Andersson and Leadbetter were side-by-side over the first set of jumps, but it was the young American who secured third place for the opening lap. Up ahead, ASXE’s Sanz kept Kristoffersson in her sights, giving RXR’s Åhlin-Kottulinksy only a five-second advantage ahead of ASXE’s McConnell.

Following the driver change, LEGACY M.C.’s Pastrana entered attack mode, pushing his ODYSSEY 21 to its limit. The car bucked onto two wheels repeatedly as Pastrana hunted down ASXE’s McConnell, and the American was the first of the group to use his ENOWA Hypderdrive to close the gap enough to soon take second-place.

Åhlin-Kottulinsky crossed the line first, completing another dominant Qualifying for Nico Rosberg’s outift. Third place for McConnell proved enough for ASXE to complete the Round 2 Grand Final line-up, while LEGACY M.C. and the SUN Minimeal Team will be battling for a Redemption Race win and the coveted 12 championship points that come with it.

Q1 Heat 1:
1. Rosberg X Racing 10:48.380mins
2. E.ON Veloce Racing +1.613s
3. NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team +10.032s

Q1 Heat 2:
1. ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team 10:59.956mins
2. Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E +1.012s
3. SUN Minimeal Team +7.805s
4. JBXE +29.955s

Q2 Heat 1:
1. Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E 10:49.433mins
2. NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team +1.206s
3. E.ON Veloce Racing +1.652s
4. JBXE +29.498s

Q2 Heat 2:
1. Rosberg X Racing 10:59.082mins
3. ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team +5.689s
4. SUN Minimeal Team +9.787s

Qualifying Standings
1. Rosberg X Racing: 20 points
2. Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E: 18 points
3. ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team: 16 points
4. E.ON Veloce Racing: 14 points
5. NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team: 14 points
7. SUN Minimeal Team: 10 points
8. JBXE: 8 points

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24-02-17 Bad luck at SUN Minimeal’s strong debut
The SUN Minimeal Team with Timo Scheider and Klara Andersson put in a good performance at the Extreme E season start in Jeddah despite problems.

Wolfhalden, 14.02.2024. The SUN Minimeal Team put in a solid race debut at the opening round of the Extreme E 2024 season, the Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia. On the first day of the desert spectacle at the gates of Jeddah, driving team boss Timo Scheider (45) and his Swedish team partner Klara Andersson (23) put in a promising performance, but were slowed down several times by technical problems with their 550 hp ODYSSEY21 battery-electric SUV prototype.

On the approximately 3.3-kilometre race track on the shores of the Red Sea, the German-Swedish duo finished sixth in the combination of the two qualifying races, narrowly missing out on a place in the grand final of the top four. In the "Redemption Race", Scheider was in third place after taking over from Andersson and was steadily catching up towards local driver Dania Akeel, when the rear engine on the SUN Minimeal car broke down.

"The whole day was jinxed," sighed Timo Scheider. "We were doing well as long as the car was running smoothly. There was damage to the differential in the first qualifying session and a loss of power in the second. We also lost power steadily in the Redemption Race until I had to retire the car completely. It's a shame, because the whole team did a great job on their debut and the atmosphere in the squad is awesome! I hope we've used up the bad luck for the whole season today and I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

"It was a tough first day," added Klara Andersson. "There was a problem in every session. In the Redemption Race, I sensed a lack of power right from the start and was well aware we might not make it to the finish. Frustrating, but that's how racing can be sometimes. The positive thing is that we can match the pace of the top teams if everything goes normally. So it's time to keep our heads down and attack again tomorrow!"

On Sunday the SUN Minimeal Team will have another chance to make an electrifying appearance in the Arabian desert. The qualifying sessions (from 06:00 CET) and final races (from 13:00 CET) on the second day of racing can also be seen via live stream on Facebook or YouTube or via the official series website.
24-02-17 Rosberg X Racing win epic opening round of Season 4
Rosberg X Racing win epic opening round of Extreme E Season 4 in Jeddah
Defending champions Rosberg X Racing (RXR) secured a dramatic victory in Round 1 of the 2024 campaign, coming out on top in an incredible battle with the NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team at the Desert X Prix.

In a race which featured multiple changes for the lead, it was RXR’s Johan Kristoffersson and Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky who took the glory in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, defeating the NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team's duo of Mattias Ekström and Cristina Gutiérrez by just 0.167s.

Johan Kristoffersson, RXR, said: “Today was a great day. The course was very fast and bumpy, but Mikaela did a great job, and I’m super happy to be back on top! Looking forward to doing it again tomorrow!”

Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky, RXR, said: “Starting this season with a win feels incredible. Johan handed over the car in a good position, but the competition was intense - especially my battle with Cristina. I was very happy to make the overtake and take the win.”

RXR and NEOM McLaren Extreme E battled throughout for victory, trading places on a number of occasions as the 2024 season started in style.

Ekström took the lead at the start after a brilliant switch-back manoeuvre on fellow Swede Kristoffersson, before the latter re-took first place to give RXR a slender advantage after the opening two tours. E.ON Veloce Racing’s Kevin Hansen was close behind in third, making it a three-way scrap for the win.

The order was maintained after the driver change, with Gutiérrez trying everything to get past Åhlin-Kottulinsky to take a maiden win for NEOM McLaren Extreme E on her debut for the team.

In third, E.ON Veloce Racing’s Molly Taylor kept a watching brief, while catching all three was ASXE’s Fraser McConnell. The Jamaican’s progress, though, came to an abrupt end after rolling his ODYSSEY 21 in an attempt to get past Taylor in the closing stages.

The momentum swung back and forth between Gutiérrez and Åhlin-Kottulinsky for victory, with contact between the two incurring bodywork damage for the latter as the RXR driver defended her leading position.

Gutiérrez, though, finally made the crucial breakthrough with a decisive move to snatch the lead for NEOM McLaren Extreme E.

That was not the last of the action, however, as Åhlin-Kottulinsky demonstrated her and the team’s championship-winning credentials, re-taking first place almost immediately for Nico Rosberg’s outfit.

The Swede held on expertly to take the first win of the season for RXR, with NEOM McLaren Extreme E just behind in second place, where they were joined on the podium by E.ON Veloce Racing’s Hansen and Taylor.

Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E took the honours in the Redemption Race after a strong drive from Catie Munnings and Timmy Hansen, while LEGACY MOTOR CLUB IN ASSOCIATION WITH JIMMIE JOHNSON’s Travis Pastrana put on a show to go from last to second at the team’s first-ever Extreme E X Prix, ahead of JBXE and fellow newcomers SUN Minimeal Team.

Cristina Gutiérrez, NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team, said: “I’m feeling happy after today's race with the NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team. It was my first race with the team and working with Mattias, and we managed to finish in P2. We were able to put together a good performance in Qualifying and get to the Grand Final. In the Final, Mattias did a great job at the start, which helped me when I took over.

“I was battling at the front during my laps, but finished in P2 in the end. It was a shame not to be able to bring home the win, but I think we will be competitive this season. The team are happy, and Mattias and I are really grateful for all the hard work and hours they are putting in. I am very happy to be with NEOM McLaren, and I am looking forward to tomorrow.”

Mattias Ekström, NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team, said: “We had a very exciting first day and first race with the NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team. Despite a few small issues in Qualifying 1, we still finished P2 – and we managed to fix these problems in time for Qualifying 2. In Q2, we were more competitive, and the Grand Final was one of the most exciting Finals I have seen in Extreme E. We had a great start and Turn 1, and I was able to give Cristina the car in P2. She did a really good job, battling at the front with Mikaela [Åhlin-Kottulinsky], but we finished just behind them in P2.

“It feels nice to be able to bring a trophy back to the team to reward all their hard work, and I’m looking forward to going again tomorrow for Round 2.”

Molly Taylor, E.ON Veloce Racing, said: “We have all worked so hard in the build-up to this season, and we were feeling good going into this weekend. Kevin and I were really hitting our stride in Qualifying, but it just wasn't coming together for us in the Final.

“The whole set-up at within the team continues to be exactly what we both need to take X Prix wins, and we know that if we can just bring the pieces together tomorrow then we'll be on top of the podium.”

Kevin Hansen, E.ON Veloce Racing, said: “Another podium at a Desert X Prix! This race seems to always prove special for us as a team, and it feels great to kick off Season 4 with a podium. We were unlucky not to finish higher in the Final, but we should be proud of the pace we showed out there. Taking a Heat win and setting the quickest time in the Traction Challenge puts us second in the standings, and we'll be looking to jump to the top tomorrow.”

Round 2 of Extreme E Season 4 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, takes place tomorrow (18 February). The racing action will be live across ITV and STV in the UK, while outside of the UK please visit here for broadcaster details.

Grand Final
1. E.ON Veloce Racing 10:53.341 mins
2. NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team +4.706s
3. SUN Minimeal Team +9.686s
4. JBXE +34.089s

Redemption Race
1. Rosberg X Racing 11:04.679 mins
2. Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E +4.261s
3. ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team +8.230s

Championship Standings:
1. Rosberg X Racing: 20
2. E.ON Veloce Racing: 18
3. NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team: 16
4. ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team: 16
5. Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E: 14
6. SUN Minimeal Team: 10
8. JBXE:

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24-02-17 Rosberg X Racing top Qualifying in opening round of Season 4
Defending champions Rosberg X Racing (RXR) have carried their title-winning pace into 2024, coming out on top in Qualifying for Round 1 of the Desert X Prix in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Johan Kristoffersson and Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky have continued their successful partnership, this time taking the win in both of their Qualifying Heats to top the timesheets and make it into the first Grand Final of the season.

E.ON Veloce Racing and the ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team (ASXE), who made up the championship top three with RXR last year, carried that momentum with them into Round 1 of 2024, each taking a Heat win to secure a spot in the Grand Final.

Rounding out the first Grand Final line-up of Season 4 are NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team. New teammates Cristina Gutiérrez and Mattias Ekström showed consistency on their debuts for the British squad, taking second place in both of their Qualifying Heats.

The remaining four teams will fight it out in the Redemption Race with even more at stake, as a change to the points system for Season 4 will see the winner awarded the same championship points as last place in the Grand Final.

Qualifying 1 – Heat 1
E.ON Veloce Racing’s Kevin Hansen got the best launch, taking the lead at the first turn. NEOM McLaren’s Mattias Ekström slotted into second, with JBXE’s Andreas Bakkerud and SUN Minimeal Team’s Klara Andersson in fourth.

While Hansen pulled seven seconds ahead of the pack, Andersson began to pressure Bakkerud for third as the teams headed into the Switch Zone. Taylor continued out in front throughout her two-lap run, with NEOM McLaren’s Cristina Gutiérrez maintaining second place.

An issue in the Switch Zone dropped JBXE down to fourth, with Timo Scheider taking third place on his debut as driver and Team Principal for SUN Minimeal Team. JBXE’s Dania Akeel, in her maiden Extreme E Qualifying Heat at her home event, rounded out the order.

Qualifying 1 – Heat 2
A great overtake from RXR’s Kristoffersson around the outside of Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E’s Catie Munnings, who got the better launch, ensured the Season 3 champions took the lead after the opening turn.

Munnings held second ahead of Gray Leadbetter for LEGACY MOTOR CLUB IN ASSOCIATION WITH JIMMIE JOHNSON’S (LEGACY M.C.), with ASXE’s Laia Sanz in fourth after a near-roll at the first corner. Sanz quickly got ahead of Leadbetter to begin ASXE’s recovery up the order, and a battle ensued between the Spaniard and Briton Munnings ahead.

Kristoffersson maintained a comfortable gap as the teams entered the Switch Zone for the driver change, with Åhlin-Kottulinsky preserving that advantage to win the Heat.

Andretti Altawkilat took second as Timmy Hansen stayed ahead of ASXE debutant Fraser McConnell, with LEGACY M.C.’s Travis Pastrana fourth in his first-ever racing run in the ODYSSEY 21.

Qualifying 2 – Heat 1
ASXE’s McConnell surged round the outside of the group to take the lead through the first corner. Behind the Jamaican, LEGACY M.C.’s Pastrana took second as E.ON Veloce Racing’s Taylor ran wide, with JBXE’s Akeel slotting into fourth.

The teams entered the Switch Zone in this order but, following the driver change, E.ON Veloce Racing’s Hansen set off to hunt down Leadbetter, in what was the American’s third-ever racing lap in the LEGACY M.C. ODYSSEY 21.

Hansen was quicker over a crest towards the end of their first lap, carrying his pace through the next two corners to secure second place, putting E.ON Veloce Racing alongside rivals RXR in the Grand Final.

First place in the Heat for ASXE proved enough for the 2023 runners-up to make it into the first Grand Final of Season 4 after a third place finish in their first Qualifying Heat. Third and fourth for LEGACY M.C. and JBXE, respectively, puts both teams into the Redemption Race.

Qualifying 2 – Heat 2
SUN Minimeal Team’s Scheider led at the start, while Andretti Altawkilat’s Hansen took second by passing RXR’s Åhlin-Kottulinsky at Turn 2. NEOM McLaren’s Gutiérrez ran in fourth as the group remained close through the opening lap.

Hansen’s charge continued, as the Swede eventually got the better of Scheider to take the lead, but the pack bunched up once more as the chasing drivers hit the brakes late into the Switch Zone. A smooth driver change saw RXR climb to second place. Kristoffersson, reading the situation well, used his ENOWA Hyperdrive at the Switch Zone exit to get ahead of Andretti Altawkilat’s Munnings and get in front.

This jump up the order into top spot saw RXR take the Heat win and first place in the Qualifying standings. Slightly further back, NEOM McLaren’s Ekström was also on the charge, and soon secured second place and a spot in the Grand Final for his new team.

Andretti Altawkilat and SUN Minimeal Team, having both had a share of the lead, only secured enough points for a spot in the Redemption Race despite showing good pace.

The Extreme E Season 4 opener in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, gets underway this weekend (17-18 February). The racing action will be live across ITV and STV in the UK, while outside of the UK please visit here for broadcaster details.

Q1 Heat 1:
1. E.ON Veloce Racing 10:53.341 mins
2. NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team +4.706s
3. SUN Minimeal Team +9.686s
4. JBXE +34.089s

Q1 Heat 2:
1. Rosberg X Racing 11:04.679 mins
2. Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E +4.261s
3. ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team +8.230s

Q2 Heat 1:
1. ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team 10:56.533 mins
2. E.ON Veloce Racing +3.287s
4. JBXE +43.833s

Q2 Heat 2:
1. Rosberg X Racing 11:11.797 mins
2. NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team +1.211s
3. Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E +6.615s
4. SUN Minimeal Team +15.382s

Qualifying Standings:
1. Rosberg X Racing: 20
2. E.ON Veloce Racing: 18
3. NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team: 16
4. ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team: 16
5. Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E: 14
6. SUN Minimeal Team: 10
8. JBXE: 8

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24-02-16 ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team quickest out of the blocks as Season 4 gets
SAINZ XE Team topped the timesheets in Free Practice for the 2024 Desert X Prix, the curtain raiser for Extreme E Season 4 held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia this weekend (17-18 February).

The pioneering racing series kicked off its fourth instalment earlier today, with Rounds 1 and 2 of the championship set to get underway tomorrow in the Saudi Arabian desert.

The ODYSSEY 21s were back in action for the first time in 2024, and it was ASXE who were quickest out of the blocks across the day’s two Free Practice sessions, with Rosberg X Racing and Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E in second and third, respectively.

The sessions almost marked the first time Americans Travis Pastrana and Gray Leadbetter got out on the course behind the wheel of the LEGACY MOTOR CLUB IN ASSOCIATION WITH JIMMIE JOHNSON ODYSSEY 21, while Saudi Arabia national Dania Akeel also drove in Extreme E for the first time ahead of making her full debut for Jenson Button’s JBXE at her home event.

Johan Kristoffersson, Rosberg X Racing, said: “The modifications to the course and the competitive format mean that every decision, every second, counts more than ever. Our victory last season has set a high bar, but together with Mikaela and the whole RXR team, I feel we're ready for another great season.”

Timmy Hansen, Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E, said: “The first race of the season is coming up and it's always a very exciting one with everybody starting again on equal terms with zero points. The team has been in Saudi earlier than usual before the race to prepare the car to make sure it’s in perfect condition to start the new season.

“We're very excited to start afresh and we’re determined to get on the podium, especially with the event being a ‘home race’ for our friends at Altawkilat. Exciting times ahead for us in the fourth season of Extreme E and we’re hoping it will be a big one.”

Cristina Gutiérrez, NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team, said: “I’m really excited to go racing with the NEOMMcLaren Extreme E Team. I can’t wait to start working with everyone and represent the team and the iconic papaya colour.

“The races in Saudi Arabia in previous seasons have been very different, and this year will be too with the new track in Jeddah. I hope we can get the season off to a good start with some points.”

Molly Taylor, E.ON Veloce Racing, said: “We’ve put the hard work in throughout the off-season as we prepare for the start of the Extreme E season, including a few days of desert-driving in Saudi Arabia ahead of the opening rounds in Jeddah this weekend.

“We have some great memories from the Desert X Prix last year, and we are confident that we can be leading from the front this weekend to start Season 4 with a win or two.”

The Extreme E Season 4 opener in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, gets underway this weekend (17-18 February). The racing action will be live across ITV and STV in the UK, while outside of the UK please visit here for broadcaster details.

Free Practice combined timings:
1. ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team: 10:53.933 (FP2)
2. Rosberg X Racing: 10:55.143 (FP2)
3. Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E: 10:55.543 (FP2)
4. NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team: 11:14.760 (FP2)
5. E.ON Veloce Racing: 11:22.018 (FP2)
6. SUN Minimeal Team: 11:26.562 (FP2)
8. JBXE: 11:58.816 (FP2)

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24-02-16 Jeddah course revealed for 2024 Desert X Prix
Extreme E has unveiled its spectacular track design for the opening event of Season 4 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom has launched each of the series’ three previous campaigns and will do so again with Rounds 1 and 2 taking place in Jeddah this weekend (17-18 February).

The dunes and sandy terrain have proven to be a unique challenge for the Extreme E field since the championship launched in 2021 and will do so again when its fourth instalment gets underway.

Ahead of the first Free Practice session of Season 4 commencing today (Friday 16 February), Extreme E Championship Driver Patrick O’Donovan detailed how the first course of the new campaign will provide plenty of excitement at the Desert X Prix.

O’Donovan said: “Off the start line you’ve got a long run into Turn 1, which I would say is the place to use the ENOWA Hyperdrive from the launch. As you enter Turn 1 it’s not too tight a corner, which means that hopefully there won’t be too much bunching up and people can have a chance to take their own lines in.

“Turn 2 is a different story. It comes up quickly, straight into a tight right turn, meaning almost coming back on yourself entirely and straight over a jump, so that’s an intense part of the course. As you land back down you’ve got a short run up to another jump at Waypoint 4. It’s going to be quite a cool spectacle and possibly some overtaking in the air depending on what the traction is like after Waypoint 2, or who brakes more going over the jump at Waypoint 4.

“Then you have two fast left-handers, where you’re trying to carry as much speed as you can because it ruts up quite easily there in the sand. When I did my testing around the course it was quite a tricky point. Throughout the session, the ruts will become more challenging, but by the time the next session comes around the wind should level them out a bit. That will be interesting to monitor over the course of the weekend.

“The next big challenge as you head down the course is that it becomes very technical. The car moves about left and right, and you’ve got the back-end swinging about all over the place. It’s very technical and behind the wheel there’s a lot going on to try and keep the car straight and get over those.

“Following that there is a long run up to the start of the Continental Traction Challenge where you’ve got a super-heavy braking zone followed by a jump over a 90-degree left-hander, which is a fascinating part of the track as you’re absolutely sending it hoping you don’t dig in and roll.

“After that you’re into an open horseshoe right-hander before you come across the sand into another braking zone. This time it’s a hairpin left over a jump, so you land on a different angle to one you took off at - luckily, it’s low speed.”

At the first race weekend of the season, teams will be looking to set the tone for the campaign ahead and each driver will be pushing their ODYSSEY 21 to the limit to get ahead of the rest of the pack.

O’Donovan continued: “There are a lot of possibilities for overtakes on this course. What’s good about the desert compared to other tracks is in theory if the car allows you to do it, you can go 20 metres out wide after one waypoint and come back in as long as you get to the second waypoint between the flags. It will be interesting to see how the drivers utilise the multiple lines to their advantage, and to see who figures out the best approach to each jump and tight braking zones to get ahead.

“There’s quite a lot of different skillsets that come into play. You’ve got fast-paced corners where you are trying to carry the speed, but then you’ve got a lot of tight technical spots to deal with, too.”

The Desert X Prix always proves to be an exciting event in the Extreme E calendar, as the only terrain of its type amongst the remote locations visited by the all-electric off-road series.

O’Donovan added: “Chile was a desert as well, but it was much more of a gritty gravel terrain rather than sand. On gravel in Sardinia and Chile you can trust the car a lot more and you can almost half predict what it’s going to do when you’re turning into a corner, but on sand that’s just not the case. No rut is going to be the same, and it’s possible that the sand bunches up along the side wall of the tyre as you’re going through a corner, and suddenly there’s just a mound that feels like you are hitting something on the outside.

“The course track markers stay the same, but the track changes every time you come to a new corner which is amazing. There’s a lot of drivers on the grid who, unless they go out testing, don’t necessarily get the chance to gain lots of experience in the sand, whereas for other drivers like Dania Akeel, driving on this sort of terrain can be quite common.

“My favourite part of this course has got to be the jumps. I don’t usually get a rush from these, but when you’re going over a dune and all you can see is the sky it’s totally different. It’s a rush of not being fully in control - just going flat out and hoping for the best.”

The Extreme E Season 4 opener in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, gets underway this weekend (17-18 February). The racing action will be live across ITV and STV in the UK, while outside of the UK please visit here for broadcaster details.

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24-02-15 Extreme E begins coral protection initiative in latest Saudi Arabian Legacy Programme
15 February 2024, London: Pioneering racing series Extreme E has launched its Legacy Programme in Saudi Arabia ahead of the Desert X Prix, with the championship’s environmental efforts in the Kingdom to focus on the preservation and planting of coral.

The legacy project will focus on the global challenge of conserving and restoring coral reefs and the need to advance research and development, partnering with three organisations: G20 Coral Research & Development Accelerator Platform (CORDAP), King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and Ocean Revive. This latest programme is led by Professor Carlos Duarte of the series’ Scientific Committee.

Coral reefs are essential pillars of biodiversity, supporting one in four of all marine animal species in the ocean. In addition, they support the livelihoods of an estimated one billion people and protect the shores of vulnerable, low-lying island states, for which conserving coral reefs is an existential matter.

As a collaborative project, CORDAP will provide input on the global challenge to conserve and restore coral reefs and the need to advance R&D toward the overarching objective of coral preservation. KAUST will support the delivery of the largest coral nursery and gardening project in the world at Shushah island and new advances in coral ecology, and other relevant technologies delivered by the faculty.

Ocean Revive is a start-up at KAUST, which will deliver the corals for the demonstration of coral outplanting and will provide also input of their technology and innovations.

For its legacy initiative, Extreme E drivers explored first hand the fragile nature of coral reefs and the crucial role they play by undergoing a coral planting exercise. They were then provided access to KAUST’s state-of-the-art marine research facilities, and partook in an evening with leading students from the university.

The health of coral reefs is a a critical stage. Coral reefs occupy less than one per cent of the ocean floor, however they inhabit more than 25 per cent of marine life.

The planet has lost approximately half of the global ocean state of coral reefs, and yet, due to their vulnerability to marine heat waves, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) projects that 75-90 per cent of remaining corals may be lost under climate change. That is even if the most ambitious target of the Paris Agreement to contain coral reefs within 1.5 Degrees Celsius above pre-industrial values is achieved.

As a consequence, coral reefs are regarded to be the first ecosystem at risk of functional extinction under climate change.

Ahead of the Desert X Prix, the curtain raiser to the fourth Extreme E season, Extreme E will be making an important contribution to raise awareness of the vulnerability of coral reefs and the emerging solutions to address this global challenge at the interface of our climate and biodiversity crises.

Professor Carlos Duarte, Extreme E Scientific Committee member and world-wide leader in biological oceanography and marine ecology research at KAUST, said: “We are honoured to be supporting the championship’s latest legacy initiative in Saudi Arabia alongside trusted partners CORDAP, KAUST and Ocean Revive.

“Coral is a vital part of the ecosystem in the Red Sea and with the help of Extreme E and our legacy project partners we can take an important step in supporting the preservation and restoration of coral reefs.

“Coral reef health is crucial to the planet amidst this climate crisis, and preserving and restoring will have long-term impacts to help support marine life, protect coastlines from erosion and preserve sources for food and medicine.”

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24-02-15 Stage set for Extreme E Season 4 opener in Saudi Arabia
The fourth instalment of Extreme E is almost upon us, with the 2024 campaign opening in Saudi Arabia this weekend (17-18 February).

There are new teams and new line-ups joining the fray in Season 4, along with plenty of familiar faces, as the pioneering all-electric off-road racing series returns to action for the Desert X Prix.

The deserts of Saudi Arabia have launched each of the three previous Extreme E campaigns, all offering astonishing backdrops for the opening rounds of the championship season, and another special event can be expected for Rounds 1 and 2 of the 2024 campaign in Jeddah.

Extreme E’s inaugural season race in Jeddah forms part of a wider, ground-breaking multi-year partnership with the Public Investment Fund (PIF). PIF plays a vital role in this championship through the recently announced Electric 360 partnership, which also incorporates Formula E and E1, to support the growth and transformation of electric motorsports globally.

The 2024 grid
It is only a couple of months since Extreme E’s dramatic 2023 finale in Antofagasta, Chile, which saw Nico Rosberg’s Rosberg X Racing (RXR) come out victorious to take the championship in a five-team showdown at the Antofagasta Minerals Copper X Prix.

That win ensured their second championship in three seasons and, with the team retaining their strong pairing of Johan Kristoffersson and Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky once again, you can be sure RXR will be amongst the front runners.

ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team (ASXE) were narrowly beaten to their maiden Extreme E title in 2023. Laia Sanz returns for the Spanish outfit in a bid to capture the championship this term, and will be joined by Jamaican Fraser McConnell.

McConnell, who initially joined the series as a Championship Driver, took two victories for X44 Vida Carbon Racing in Season 3, and will look to add to his tally under the guidance of the team’s advisor, two-time World Rally Champion and 2024 Dakar Rally winner Carlos Sainz Snr. ASXE took their debut win in Extreme E in Saudi Arabia last year and will be keen to return to the top step in the desert.

E.ON Veloce Racing also took their inaugural Extreme E win at the 2023 Desert X Prix. After enduring mixed fortunes in their first two Extreme E campaigns, the team surged up the order in Season 3, finishing third overall with Molly Taylor and Kevin Hansen behind the wheel. Taylor and Hansen have proven to be a strong pairing ever since debuting together, and their three wins in 2023 was the joint-highest across the field. After claiming two podiums on their last visit to Saudi Arabia, the British outfit will be looking to replicate their strong start this time around in Jeddah.

There are plenty of new faces in the Extreme E paddock for 2024, but consistency is key for the Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E squad. Their driver line-up of Timmy Hansen and Catie Munnings have competed in every event together for the team since the series’ inception in 2021. The duo will be looking to return to the front of the pack in 2024.

Although Hansen and Munnings claimed two podium finishes in 2023, the pair suffered misfortune and bad luck throughout the campaign, ensuring they could only finish as high as seventh overall. Saudi Arabia, though, brings back good memories for Andretti Altawkilat, the scene of the team’s debut podium at the series’ first event in 2021, and replicating that would signal strong progress for the team.

The NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team returns in 2024 with an all-new driver line-up, signalling a statement of intent for the campaign ahead. Yet to score a victory in the series so far, the team have been frequent challengers and have scored two podium finishes. Their new pairing, however, has experience in Extreme E of taking race wins and the overall championship, with Cristina Gutiérrez and Mattias Ekström leading the team in 2024.

Gutiérrez took the Season 2 title with Sébastien Loeb for X44 Vida Carbon Racing in 2022, and the four-time race winner has yet to finish below fourth in her Extreme E career to date. Two-time DTM champion Ekström finished as runner-up for ASXE last-term, and will look to build on his two victories in the series with NEOM McLaren XE.

Jenson Button’s JBXE return for the 2024 season with a new driver pairing, as they bid to climb up the order in Extreme E. Andreas Bakkerud joined the team from the Hydro X Prix onwards last term, and will look to showcase his off-road racing pedigree across a full campaign in the series to launch the team up the order.

Bakkerud will be joined by debutant Dania Akeel, with the Dakar Rally and Baja competitor set to get behind the wheel of the ODYSSEY 21 for the first time at her home event. The first Saudi female to participate in an international rally competition, Akeel epitomises the series’ ethos of trailblazing and will be hoping for a strong start at the Desert X Prix.

The SUN Minimeal Team will make their Extreme E debut, but the series rookies will have plenty of experience in the ranks when the 2024 season begins. The outfit will be led by Timo Scheider, who will race for the team and utilise his wealth of motorsport experience in the role of Team Principal. The versatile Scheider will be joined by Extreme E race-winner Klara Andersson for the campaign. Rivals in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, the duo have shared a similar path in Extreme E having made the journey from Championship Driver to the podium in the series’ short history, and will be a formidable pairing for SUN Minimeal Team’s maiden Extreme E outing.

The final team to join the Extreme E grid for 2024 is LEGACY MOTOR CLUB IN ASSOCIATION WITH JIMMIE JOHNSON (LEGACY M.C.), an exciting new outfit joining the championship and led by motorsport royalty Jimmie Johnson. Headed by seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and Hall of Famer Johnson, LEGACY M.C. will make its Extreme E debut boasting an all-US line-up and plenty of off-road racing pedigree. Exciting talent Gray Leadbetter will make her debut in the series, alongside three-time motocross champion and a multi-disciplinary X Games gold medalist Travis Pastrana, capturing a unique blend of youth and experience as the team prepares for its Extreme E bow.

Pastrana will make a one-off appearance in Saudi Arabia, before Johnson debuts from Round 3 for LEGACY M.C..With eight teams in the running for championship glory, Extreme E Season 4 is all set to be another classic, with twists and turns throughout the campaign.

The rulebook
Each X Prix is a double-header and plays host to back-to-back rounds across the weekend. With eight teams battling it out for victory at each event, the main change is that there will be four cars per Heat in 2024. What’s more, come the end of the campaign, the starting drivers between men and women must be equal across the campaign, which should spice up the action for the year ahead.

Redemption Race victors will now receive 12 points, an increase of four from the previous eight, with the winners minimising the deficit to those competing in the Grand Final, which could have a significant impact come the end of the season in the overall points tally.

For Qualifying, the grid choices are also now automatically reversed for Q2 as opposed to Q2 starting positions being based upon the results of Q1 Heats. As with last season, the winners of each of the four Qualifying Heats will receive one championship point.

Grid positions for the Grand Final will continue to be determined through the fan voting process called GridPlay. The teams that do not make it to the Grand Final must ‘gift’ their votes to their preferred team on the Grand Final grid. Grid positions for the Redemption Race will be defined by the Intermediate Classification results from Qualifying, with the team that finished 5th choosing grid position first, followed by the team that finished 6th, and so on.

The Continental Traction Challenge will be returning in 2024 and will be crucial to the overall points total once again. The team that sets the fastest time, a combination of both the male and female drivers’ fastest times, through the allocated sector will win the Continental Traction Challenge and earn one championship point. This will run for each of the individual race days on Saturday and Sunday. If any teams are tied in the Qualifying standings, their positioning will be determined by their time in the Continental Traction Challenge - the team with the quicker run through the allocated sector during Qualifying will receive the higher overall position.

Distances for each X Prix course and the number of laps will vary depending on the characteristics of the location, such as the terrain and the environmental conditions. What remains consistent, though, is a driver changeover in the ‘Switch Zone’, taking place at the halfway point.

An ‘ENOWA Hyperdrive’ boost will also be available to each driver once in a race. Activated when the driver presses a button on their steering wheel, they will enjoy an increase in power for a fixed amount of time. The timing for this will be crucial when either attacking and defending out on track.

Claudio Toldi, Head of Marketing Communications, Replacement Tires EMEA, at Continental, said: “Continental is proud to be a partner in the fourth season of Extreme E and to support the series with our latest tyre innovation, the CrossContact Extreme E. We continue our commitment to sustainability and technological excellence with the start of the Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia.

“The CrossContact Extreme E is the result of our continuous research and development, and is made from around 43 per cent recycled and renewable materials. This underlines our endeavour to reduce the environmental impact and increase the performance of our products.

“We look forward to equipping Extreme E and its teams with our high-performance tyres, and together setting an example for sustainability and innovation in motorsport.”

The form guide in Saudi Arabia
Two-time champions RXR have been the most successful team in Saudi Arabia, taking two victories and two additional podiums from the fourth races held so far. As Season 3 champions, Nico Rosberg’s outfit will be the team to beat.

Nevertheless, last year’s Desert X Prix showed that they can be beaten despite their formidable form, with E.ON Veloce Racing and ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team both taking their debut wins in the series.

With eight teams in the running for victory when the lights go out, the Season 4 opener in the Saudi Arabian desert is set for another spectacular.

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24-02-15 Symbio to become Extreme H Official Hydrogen Fuel Cell provider from 2025
5 February 2024, London: Pioneering racing series Extreme E has announced Symbio as its Official Hydrogen Fuel Cell provider ahead of the championship’s transition to Extreme H in 2025.

Extreme H will become the world’s first hydrogen off-road racing series when the championship begins next year. This partnership will ensure the delivery of the technology and expertise needed for the series’ upcoming transition to hydrogen power.

Symbio is a front-runner in zero-emission hydrogen mobility that designs, produces and sells hydrogen fuel cells. Being a leading innovation partner of hydrogen mobility pioneers, Symbio strategically accompany household names for on-road (light and mid-size commercial vehicles, buses and coaches, pickups and heavy-duty trucks, motorsport) and off-road (construction and warehouse equipments) zero-emission mobility. Symbio is co-owned by Forvia, Michelin and Stellantis, three world automotive leaders.

Hydrogen fuel cells represent a technological revolution that is now becoming a wide-scale reality. Symbio’s high-performance fuel cell technology combines the ease of use of the internal combustion engine (good range and durability, quick refueling) with the advantages of the electric battery (zero emission of CO2 nor microparticulates). Symbio has launched the mass production of fuel cells in its SymphonHy Gigafactory, the largest integrated site for fuel cell production in Europe, to make it a widely accessible, performant and competitive reality.

In Extreme H, Symbio will provide a 75kW hydrogen fuel cell replacing the battery as the principal energy source. Green hydrogen sources will be used to power the Extreme H fuel cells, created using a combination of solar and water. This technology is already being used behind the scenes in Extreme E, where it provides the energy source to the vehicle’s batteries.

Symbio and Extreme H’s sustainability goals align, as reducing carbon footprints and embracing the principles of the circular economy are central to both organisations’ commitment.

Ali Russell, Managing Director of Extreme E, said: “We are delighted to announce Symbio as our Official Hydrogen Fuel Cell Provider ahead of our first season as Extreme H in 2025. This is an exciting transition for the championship, which has pioneered sustainable technology solutions since its inception. We cannot wait to go racing with Symbio next year in the inaugural campaign of Extreme H – the world’s first off-road racing series powered by hydrogen.”

Philippe Rosier, CEO of Symbio, stated: “We are delighted that Extreme E, a pioneer in sustainable racing, trusts Symbio as its Official Fuel Cell Provider for its upcoming, groundbreaking hydrogen series. This partnership is testimonial of our technological lead. Furthermore, at Symbio we believe motorsport offers a unique laboratory in extreme and real-life conditions that enables us to test and adapt our technology to the most intense and demanding uses. We go the extra mile to design, deliver and sell the most performant and competitive zero emission fuel cell solutions tailored to every market need.”

Extreme H developments are progressing ahead of the championship’s launch in 2025. Back in 2023 Extreme H and the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) announced their pathway for the hydrogen series to become a FIA Championship from its inaugural season in 2025, with the intention that it will become a FIA World Championship from 2026.

A Hydrogen Technical Working Group between Formula 1, the FIA and Extreme H has also been created to monitor the progression and development of hydrogen technology. This is both for the fuel cells and battery systems, which will be used in Extreme H’s first-generation racing chassis as well as hydrogen technology within race site infrastructure, transportation, charging, storage and management, and its safety implications.

The opening X Prix of the highly anticipated 2024 Extreme E season kicks off this weekend in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on 17-18 February.

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24-02-14 Titeljakt börjar i sandig terräng
Regerande mästarteamet Rosberg X Racing, med värmländska duon Johan Kristoffersson och Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky, ger sig ut på jakt efter en tredje titel i Extreme E.
- Det känns som förra säsongen knappt har gått i mål, men det här ska bli kul. Vi är fokuserade och fulla med energi, säger Kristoffersson.

Efter en osannolikt dramatisk säsongsavslutning i Chile i december tog RXR och Johan Kristoffersson sin andra titel i mästerskapet med eldrivna terrängbilar. För Åhlin-Kottulinsky var det första titeln och när nu den fjärde säsongen startar är teamets startuppställning oförändrad.
- Vi är samspelta som team, så vi kan jobba på detaljnivå i våra förberedelser, påpekar Johan.

Efter ett kort vinteruppehåll startar tävlingsåret precis som tidigare med Desert X Prix i saudiarabiskt ökenlandskap, den här gången i trakterna av Jeddah.
- Just där har vi inte varit tidigare och vi vet väl inte så mycket, men det verkar bli en lite annorlunda banlayout med mer kuperad terräng.

En fördel eller nackdel för RXR?
- Det spelar nog ingen roll för vår del, mer än att det blir lite jobbigare att gå banan i förväg, konstaterar Kristoffersson med ett leende.

Sandbana är annars inte den absoluta favoriten för Kristoffersson/Åhlin-Kottulinsky. Åtminstone inte tidigare.
- Det är väl där vi inte har varit lika bra som de andra.

För att råda bot på detta har teamet haft ett test i Portugal med god rådgivning.
- Inte med samma bilar som i mästerskapet, men ändå på sandbetonat underlag, säger Johan.

I depån kommer det att vara både nya och bekanta ansikten. En del omflyttningar har skett; några team har lämnat serien och två nya har tillkommit: Sun Minimeal med Timo Scheider och Klara Andersson vid ratten samt Legacy Motor Club med Travis Pastrana och Gray Leadbetter. Totalt är det åtta team som ger sig in i elden på lördag och söndag.

Såväl Kristoffersson som Åhlin-Kottulinsky är övertygade om att så gott som alla team kan blanda sig i tätstriden, men Johan singlar ut en huvudkonkurrent: Neom McLaren med Mattias Ekström och Cristina Gutierrez.
- I slutänden tror jag de har jämnheten för att vara med där uppe.

Tävlingskonceptet har fått sig en liten justering, till exempel när det gäller startspår.
- Den som väljer först i Q1 får välja sist i Q2. Man vänder på ordningen.

Den förändring som annars kommer att ge störst utslag är ändå hur teamen väljer startperson. Tidigare har reglerna ofta resulterat i att de manliga förarna har kört mot varandra medan de kvinnliga har mötts på sina rundor. Den nya ordningen gör att det kommer att bli mer uppblandat.
- Spännande med ett mer mixat startfält, tycker Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky och Kristoffersson ser inga nackdelar för RXR-teamets del.
- Mikaela är duktig på att starta och jag är bra på att köra om, så det tror jag blir bra för oss.

Efter helgens två första race i Saudiarabien fortsätter inte säsongen förrän i mitten av juli, någonstans i Europa, tävlingsplats ännu inte bestämd.

I september blir det två tävlingshelger på raken på Sardinien innan säsongen avslutas med race nio och tio i Phoenix, USA, mästerskapets första besök i Förenta Staterna.
24-02-14 Exciting race debut for SUN Minimeal
Spectacular Extreme E season opener in Saudi Arabia: the SUN Minimeal Team with Timo Scheider and Klara Andersson is fired up for the start.

Wolfhalden, 14.02.2024. After a short and intensive preparation period, the new SUN Minimeal Team will be starting the Extreme E adventure this weekend with maximum motivation and concentration. The fourth season of the all-electric off-road racing series kicks off with the "Desert X-Prix" in Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For the SUN Minimeal team, two-time DTM champion Timo Scheider (45), who also takes on the role as the team principal, and 23-year-old Swede Klara Andersson will be at the wheel of the 550 hp ODYSSEY21 electric prototype.

"The new challenge of acting as driver and team principal for the first time is very exciting for me, but it's a lot of fun," says Timo Scheider. "So far, everything is going according to plan. Our goal for the debut of the SUN Minimeal team must be to prepare the car well and get through cleanly. Of course, our aim is to join the ranks of the experienced top teams as quickly as possible. But first of all, it's about getting off to a good start as newcomers."

"Being part of this new team is simply cool," beams Klara Andersson. "Everyone is super motivated and focused. We have to go step by step, but the hunger for success and the passion is what drives us all, and that's a great feeling. It's only the second time I will be racing on sand, but I'm really looking forward to it. The track between the dunes looks absolutely spectacular, I can't wait to get into the race car."

The program includes two races on Saturday and Sunday. In two qualifying heats, the eight racing teams, each consisting of one female and one male driver, try to qualify for the grand final of the top four. The teams in positions 5 to 8 in qualifying contest the small final, with the winners of this so-called "Redemption Race" receiving 12 points for the championship, as do the fourth-placed drivers in the grand final. The overall winner of each race day can add 25 points to their account.

As the name suggests, the 3.5-kilometre race track at the "Desert X-Prix" leads over desert sand, features two spectacular jumps as well as an elevation of 138 meters and is extremely demanding. "Especially because the surface varies," explains Timo Scheider. "At some places the sand is relatively compacted and grippy, at others it is soft and loose, resulting in deep ruts. You have to consider this when setting up the car. Things are made even more difficult by the fact that each driver is only allowed to complete four practice laps on Friday, so we go into the first qualifying session with minimal track experience. As always in Extreme E, I expect heated duels and exciting races and hope that we leave on Sunday evening with a smile on our faces."

Both the qualifying races (from 06:00 CET) and the finals (from 13:00 CET) can be watched via live stream on Facebook or YouTube or via the official series website.

Further information about the SUN Minimeal Team and the racing series can be found at:

24-02-13 Patrick O'Donovan and Christine GZ announced as Championship Drivers for Season 4
13 February 2024, London: Extreme E, the pioneering off-road electric series, has announced that Patrick O’Donovan and Christine GZ will remain as its Championship Drivers for 2024. Both drivers are familiar with the role and have extensive experience of the series’ ODYSSEY 21.

O’Donovan, 19 from London, UK, is a rising Rallycross star and became an Extreme E Championship Driver at the first 2023 Island X Prix in Sardinia.

He became the youngest-ever British Rallycross title-winner in 2022, aged just 18-years-old, winning the championship with a 50-point margin. O’Donovan claimed the title once again in 2023.

He is also an FIA RX2e race-winner and most recently scored a podium at the final round of the 2023 World Rallycross Championship in Hong Kong.

Spanish star GZ, 30, born in India, competed for Carl Cox Motorsport last year, securing her first-ever podium finish at the Hydro X Prix in Scotland, marking the team’s maiden top-three result in the process.

Prior to GZ’s two X Prix for Carl Cox Motorsport, she raced for XITE Energy Racing in the championship’s debut season before taking part in four events for Veloce Racing in 2022. GZ recently contested the 2024 Dakar Rally.

GZ previously held the role of Championship Driver at the 2022 Uruguay Natural Energy X Prix, before returning alongside O’Donovan at the 2023 season finale for the Antofagasta Minerals Copper X Prix in Chile.

In their role of Championship Drivers, O’Donovan and GZ will perform both an advisory role, testing and helping finalise the race courses, and also being on hand as an all-important back-up driver should any of the teams require a replacement during any of the five X Prix weekends.

The opening round of Extreme E’s 2024 season kicks off in KAEC, Saudi Arabia, this weekend (17-18 February). You can watch all the racing action across ITV and STV in the UK, while outside of the UK please visit here for broadcaster details.

To learn more about Extreme E, visit -

24-02-12 LEGACY MOTOR CLUB™ IN ASSOCIATION WITH JIMMIE JOHNSON joins Extreme E to complete Season 4 line-up
Pioneering racing series Extreme E is thrilled to welcome LEGACY MOTOR CLUB (LEGACY M.C.) IN ASSOCIATION WITH JIMMIE JOHNSON to its championship line-up for Season 4. The American outfit completes the grid for the 2024 campaign, which begins this weekend in Saudi Arabia (17-18 February).

Led by seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson, LEGACY M.C. will make its Extreme E debut boasting an all-US line-up and plenty of off-road racing pedigree.

With Johnson unable to contest the opening two rounds of the campaign at the first event due to a clash with the Daytona 500, US compatriots Travis Pastrana and Gray Leadbetter will be behind the wheel in the LEGACY M.C. ODYSSEY 21 for the upcoming Desert X Prix.

Jimmie Johnson, LEGACY M.C. co-owner who will compete in the series after the Desert X Prix, said: “The opportunity for LEGACY M.C. to field an off-road vehicle in the Extreme E championship is exciting in many ways. We are essentially representing America in this unique and very competitive series and we are committed to the challenge. I’m excited to watch our LEGACY MOTOR CLUB colours race on foreign soil for the first time while I’m in Daytona for the Great American race. I know Travis and Gray will represent us well and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish.

“Our goal is to learn as much as we can and see what the future might bring. The fact this series competes globally and focuses on sustainably, inclusion and equality really piques our interest. From a technical standpoint the changeover to hydrogen in 2025 is really intriguing and the entire motorsports community is watching closely. Personally for me as a driver, going back to my off-road roots and to the type of racing I started my career with is going to be a blast.”

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme E, said: “It is fantastic for Extreme E to welcome Jimmie Johnson and LEGACY M.C. to the championship. Jimmie’s credentials speak for themselves, and we cannot wait to see him behind the wheel of the ODYSSEY 21.

“Jimmie is a proven winner and adds to our already healthy list of champions competing in the series. Racing in Extreme E with his own team is something which excited him, and it is great that Jimmie is also looking towards the future and our transition to Extreme H – the world’s first off-road hydrogen-powered racing series – next year.”

“We are sure that for the Desert X Prix that Travis Pastrana and Gray Leadbetter will be competing up at the front of the field, demonstrating the US’ prowess for exciting off-road racing. It is great to have further US involvement in the championship, especially with our first-ever North American event to end the season in Phoenix, Arizona.”

Ali Russell, Managing Director of Extreme E, said: “Welcoming Jimmie Johnson and LEGACY MOTOR CLUB into our championship for Season 4 is a huge coup. We are thrilled that the LEGACY MOTOR CLUB has joined Extreme E and we wish them the very best for the campaign ahead.

“Jimmie knows what it takes to win and he has done it all throughout his career, so we look forward to seeing him and his team mix it with the very best in Extreme E. Travis Pastrana and Gray Leadbetter make an exciting combination for the first event in Saudi Arabia before Jimmie gets behind the wheel as they fly the flag for the United States.

“North America is such a key market for our championship, so to make our debut in the US later this year in Phoenix for the 2024 finale, with LEGACY MOTOR CLUB on the grid, will be extra special.”

For the Desert X Prix, both Pastrana and Leadbetter will make their Extreme E debuts.

Leadbetter, 19 from Morganton, NC, started driving in the Championship Off-Road series in 2019 and was the first woman to win a US Pro Class Championship in the Championship Off-Road closed-course series, winning four races overall to take the crown.

In December 2020, she was the first woman and youngest competitor to win a Sportsman SXS race. She started competing in arenacross when she was five years old.

On joining LEGACY M.C. for the 2024 season, Leadbetter said: “I’m super excited and thankful for this opportunity.

“I’ve always been interested in Extreme E, but just never found the right opportunity to step foot in it. When Travis texted me last week that there might be a chance to race with Jimmie Johnson and LEGACY M.C., I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I’ve never driven these cars so it’s sure to be an adventure, but I will be in great company. This is a dream come true.”

Pastrana, from Annapolis, MD, is a true motorsports legend. He combines the accolades of a three-time motocross champion and a multi-disciplinary X Games gold medalist with a versatile and high-profile racing career, including a standout performance against Johnson in the thrilling 2023 DAYTONA 500. Throughout his remarkable career, he has claimed victory at the highest levels of competition. Pastrana has clinched seven championships across supercross, motocross, and rally racing, showcasing his exceptional talent and versatility in the world of motorsports.

Ahead of his Extreme E and LEGACY M.C. debut, Pastrana said: “This all came together pretty quick, but I’m really excited!

“I have quite a bit of experience in electric vehicles, although I've never been in an Extreme E ODYSSEY 21 before. I compete in a lot of off-road events and some desert stuff – mostly on two wheels – but this should be really fun for us. I believe in Jimmie Johnson and in LEGACY M.C. and all he is doing with the Club, so when he asked me it was a no-brainer.

“I’ve worked with Gray before and she is a huge talent, so overall it is just a great opportunity for both of us to compete in this championship series together. She's the top female young up-and-coming talent in Nitrocross and has the speed.

“So hopefully as Americans, we will do our country proud and return home with a win and some smiles on our faces.”

And Pastrana has eyes on a rival already in the series who he is excited to do battle with out on track once again.

Pastrana added in jest: “I’ve never beaten Mattias [Ekström] at anything, and before he retires I want to beat him at something! With that in mind, I guess my two biggest reasons for participating in this event is to help out my friend Jimmie, and, for the first time in my life, beat Mattias.”

You can find out how LEGACY M.C. fare in their Extreme E debut when the 2024 campaign gets underway in Saudi Arabia this weekend (17-18 February).

To learn more about Extreme E, visit -

24-02-08 Laia Sanz and Fraser McConnell to race for ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team in Season
Laia Sanz and Fraser McConnell will be the driver line-up for the ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team (ASXE) in Extreme E Season 4.

ASXE finished the 2023 Extreme E campaign in second place overall, narrowly missing out on the championship to Rosberg X Racing.

Sanz has been part of the team ever since Extreme E’s maiden season in 2021. She recently finished the Dakar Rally with a career-best result.

Sanz claimed two victories last term alongside Mattias Ekström and has scored a total of nine podiums for ASXE. Her speed behind the wheel illustrates the rapid improvement the Spaniard has demonstrated year-after-year in Extreme E, where she has established herself as one of the series’ fastest racers. Sanz also has proven pedigree on two wheels, as a 14-time trial world champion and a six-time enduro world champion.

Laia Sanz, ASXE driver, said: "I am really happy to continue racing for ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team and I am really looking forward to starting working with Fraser because I am sure he will bring a lot to us. The team has grown a lot throughout this time and we have grown together.

"Last year we did a great job, even though we narrowly missed the title, and I am looking forward to continuing down this path. Today we feel like a family, we work really well together, always in sync, and I think it is very positive to continue to keep on improving. For me personally, I am really happy to continue in this team and I am eager to start the season. I think it is the best place to continue learning and fighting for victories."

McConnell joins ASXE for the 2024 campaign after competing with X44 Vida Carbon Racing in Extreme E Season 3, where the Jamaican claimed two wins for Sir Lewis Hamilton’s outfit. He debuted in Extreme E in 2022 for JBXE after a stint as the series’ Championship Driver.

A proven off-road racer, McConnell was crowned ARX Rallycross champion in 2019 and finished fourth in the FIA World Rallycross RX2 Series. From there, he jumped to the RallyX Nordic Supercar Championship, where he was the runner-up both in 2020 and 2021. In 2022 he made his first appearance in Nitro Rallycross and was its European runner-up. For 2023, he combined his duties for X44 with the Nitro Rallycross calendar, taking victories in the series.

Fraser McConnell, ASXE driver, said: "I am so honoured to be selected as the male driver for the ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team this year and I cannot wait to get started at the first event in Saudi Arabia. Receiving the call from Carlos asking me to join the team was such a surreal moment for me because growing up I was such a big fan and still to this day he is such an inspiration. He is also still such a fierce competitor so having that energy within the team is definitely going to help us win races and I am sure I will be able to learn many things from him.

"I am also very much looking forward to teaming up with Laia who has been so fast over the last few seasons and I can feel that we will be a very strong driver pairing and aim to win the championship together."

ASXE will also receive a further boost by partnering up with Red Bull for the forthcoming season. Carlos Sainz Snr. and Red Bull’s relationship is a longstanding and successful one, and marks the latter’s first official involvement as part of the all-electric off-road racing series.

Carlos Sainz Snr., ASXE advisor, said: "I would like to welcome Fraser to the team. He is a young and ambitious driver. He has the speed and the right attitude to grow even further. I think he will be a very good fit for the team and I am sure he will push to give us plenty of things to be happy about.

"Of course, I am very happy to have Laia again in the car. She is a really talented driver and she has developed a lot through these years, and she is especially eager to go for it after her great Dakar Rally and how close we were last season to winning the title.

"Last but not least, a racing team needs people and companies that believe in it, and for this, I would like to thank ACCIONA for its continuous support through the years and also to give the warmest welcome to Red Bull, who joins the project this year. We have an exciting season ahead and we will go for it."

Joan Oru´s, Team Principal at ASXE, added: "We are really happy to welcome Fraser to the team. His youth and his will to succeed will help us achieve our goals for this season. Of course, having Laia for a fourth season in a row is a luxury. Her experience and her improvement are impressive, as she has shown recently in the Dakar Rally or as we could see throughout 2023 when she established herself as maybe the fastest female driver in Extreme E.

"With the solid presence of ACCIONA and the arrival of Red Bull to the team, we have the baseline we need to do a great year."

Extreme E’s fourth season will start in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on 17-18 February.

You can watch all the action from the 2024 Extreme E campaign across ITV and STV in the UK, while outside of the UK please visit here for broadcaster details.

To learn more about Extreme E, visit -

24-04-07 JBXE announces Dania Akeel and Andreas Bakkerud for Extreme E Season 4
Jenson Button’s JBXE have announced a new driver line-up for the 2024 Extreme E season.

Andreas Bakkerud returns for his second campaign with JBXE and will be partnered by Saudi Arabia’s Dania Akeel, who will make her debut at her home event, the Desert X Prix, later this month (17-18 February).

The duo boast plenty of off-road pedigree and will look to spearhead JBXE’s charge up the leaderboard in 2024.

Dania Akeel, JBXE, said: “I’m very excited to join the fun that I’ve been witnessing at Extreme E since it started. Sport is the perfect medium for both work and play, and I’m looking forward to what I’ll learn in this type of racing. Being home for the first round will have its comforts, and I couldn’t ask for a nicer start.

“Thank you to the JBXE team for this opportunity; working with Jenson is a true privilege given his incredible career, and I aim to deliver my absolute best for us all. Wishing everyone a great season!”

Andreas Bakkerud, JBXE, said: “I’m thrilled to be back with JBXE for 2024. It is great to be a part of this championship and I can’t wait for the new season. This will be my first time racing in the sand, last year I got to be ringside watching the epic scenery of the race in NEOM, and now I’m just pumped getting to race it.

“Welcoming Dania as a teammate is an exciting prospect. Her rise through the motorsport ranks has been monumental and I’m optimistic about what can happen when we head to Saudi Arabia for the opening rounds of the campaign.”

Jenson Button, JBXE team owner, added: “I am delighted to welcome Andreas back to JBXE and it is great to have Dania make her Extreme E debut with us. I believe we have got a strong driver pairing for 2024.

“Andreas’ experience with the team gives us a great platform to achieve positive results this season, while Dania has demonstrated her off-road capabilities in other categories and that will give us plenty of experience for the season ahead. I’m confident we can hit the ground running at the Desert X Prix, especially in Dania's home event, and we are really looking forward to the new season.”

Bakkerud joined JBXE ahead of the Hydro X Prix last term after a brief stint as Championship Driver and has secured two top-five finishes from his eight races to date. The Norwegian will be eager to make a maiden visit to an Extreme E podium, having achieved a wealth of success in other categories including the FIA World Rallycross championship and Nitro Rallycross.

Bakkerud fought fellow Extreme E star Timmy Hansen for the World Rallycross title in 2019, with the pair’s duel going right the way down to the wire. After colliding in a dramatic finale in Cape Town, they ended up tied on points but Bakkerud was beaten to the championship by Hansen on countback.

This will be Akeel’s maiden Extreme E season. She was the first Saudi female to obtain a license for motorcycle circuit racing, contesting the Ducati Cup in the UAE National Sportsbike Superseries 2019-20 season. In her first season, her impact was so great she was named the Rookie of the Year?

Akeel then switched to cars in 2021, competing in the T3 category for South Racing Can-Am in the Dakar Rally and finishing a credible eighth?

Akeel returned to Dakar in 2023 alongside a campaign in the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas and Saudi Toyota Rally Championship’s T3 category. Achieving multiple podiums in class across the year, she finished runner-up in class in the Saudi Toyota Rally Championship’s T3 category and third in the Bajas World Cup Championship T3 category, in only her second full year of racing.

This tenacity and ability to adapt quickly to different categories ensures Akeel will undoubtedly be one to watch in Extreme E Season 4.

You can watch how the team begin their 2024 Extreme E campaign across ITV and STV in the UK, while outside of the UK please visit here for broadcaster details.

To learn more about Extreme E, visit -

24-02-06 Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E retains Catie Munnings and Timmy Hansen for Season 4
Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E will field an unchanged driver line-up for the fourth consecutive season, with Catie Munnings and Timmy Hansen leading their championship challenge once again in 2024.

A proven race-winning combination, the dynamic duo will be aiming to help the team climb the Extreme E leaderboard for Season 4. They remain the only partnership to have competed in every round together in the series.

Munnings and Hansen secured two podiums in 2023 en route to seventh in the overall standings, and will be hoping to soar up the table this term when the new season gets underway later this month in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for the Desert X Prix (17-18 February).

The Andretti name has been part of the championship since its inception in 2021, with Munnings and Hansen behind the wheel throughout.

The pair took the team’s debut victory in Season 1, winning the series’ first-ever Arctic X Prix in Greenland. Two additional podium finishes in 2021 saw Andretti finish fourth overall.

Munnings and Hansen took a solitary podium en route to seventh in the standings in 2022 at NEOM Island X Prix I in Sardinia, Italy, and took the same spot on the overall leaderboard last term.

The duo will aim to return to the top step in 2024 and hope to utilise their longstanding partnership at Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E to fight for wins once more.

Timmy Hansen, Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E, said: “Season 4 of Extreme E is coming up and I’m very excited to get into a new year of racing. It always feels great to start a new chapter and we've learned so much over the past few years. We’re aiming to build on all the experience we’ve got and to start the new year off on a high, and I couldn't choose a better team or teammate to do it with.

“I feel super at home in this team. We all have very high ambitions and we’re prepared to fight for every chance we get.”

You can watch how Andretti Altawkilat Extreme E begin their 2024 campaign across ITV and STV in the UK, while outside of the UK please visit here for broadcaster details.

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24-02-01 NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team announce Cristina Gutiérrez and Mattias Ekström for Season 4
The NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team has announced its new driver line up for the 2024 Extreme E Championship season today.

The new pairing will see Cristina Gutiérrez and Mattias Ekström join the team for its third season in Extreme E.

Gutiérrez saw early domination in her racing career, finishing top of the female category in the All-Terrain Spanish Rally Championship for six consecutive years, and securing second place overall in the mixed gender category.

In 2017, Gutiérrez made her breakthrough in the Dakar Rally, becoming the first Spanish woman to ever finish the rally. Following the same success in 2018 and 2019, she reached greater heights when she became the second woman ever to attain a stage victory in 2021. Also in 2021, she became the FIA Crosscountry Rally champion in the T3 category, and the first woman to win a FIA Crosscountry championship.

Continuing this momentum, she went on to finish third place overall in 2022 and in January 2024 became the second woman ever to win the Dakar Rally, and first to win in the T3 Challenger category.

Gutiérrez has competed in Extreme E since its inaugural season and has a proven track record of success. Claiming one championship win for X44 Vida Carbon Racing, as well as four wins and 10 podiums over the course of the last three seasons, she has shown her skill and determination for victory in Extreme E.

Ekström, from Sweden, is a decorated driver with an impressive career, spanning continents and championships. He is a two-time DTM champion (2004 and 2007), FIA World Rallycross Champion (2016), the first PURE ETCR champion and a four-time winner of the Race of Champions (2006, 2007, 2009 and 2023). Mattias has also tried his hand in WRC, NASCAR, the Dakar Rally and V8 Supercars.

Ekström began his journey in Extreme E in its inaugural season for ABT CUPRA XE. He returned to the series in 2023, and over the course of his Extreme E career has collected two wins and six podiums, finishing runner-up in 2023 for ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team.

Extreme E Season 4 will mark the team’s third campaign in the electric off-road championship. Over the last two years, the team has competed with Emma Gilmour and Tanner Foust, scoring two podiums during that time. The NEOM McLaren Extreme E team finished the 2023 season in eighth, with 68 points.

Cristina Gutiérrez, NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team, said: “I am delighted to be part of the NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team for their third season in the championship. I would like to thank NEOM McLaren for counting on me to be part of this beautiful adventure with them in the Extreme E, since it is a championship that fights to give visibility and spark action to reduce the impact of climate change and promotes equality. I am very motivated to start working with the entire team. I cannot wait to get going in Saudi Arabia this month!”

Mattias Ekström, NEOM McLaren Extreme E driver, said: “I’m excited to join the NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team and wear the papaya colours. McLaren Racing has huge heritage and success in motorsport, so I hope that myself, together with Cristina, can extend the success story in Extreme E. I have known Gary for many years as we used to race against each other in DTM. With him at the helm of the team, I know everyone within the team will be super motivated and ready to push for the best result.

“I believe the 2024 season will be as competitive as ever, as most of the teams have learnt a lot from previous years. I will need to adapt quickly to the new team, learn from them, while also sharing my knowledge, so we can be in front of the pack from day one.”

Gary Paffett, Sporting Director, NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team, said: “It’s great to be able to share the news that Cristina and Mattias will be joining the team for our third season in Extreme E. Both drivers have seen success and have proven track records in Extreme E, as well as other categories of racing, and with their skill and determination we’re excited to see what they can achieve this season.”

Ian James, Managing Director, NEOM McLaren Electric Racing, said: “I’m super excited to have Cristina and Mattias join the NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team for the 2024 Extreme E Championship. This announcement is a testament to our commitment to the series and underlines that we are competing in Extreme E with a clear goal: fighting for the Championship.

“Both drivers have enjoyed great success in their time in Extreme E so far. Outside of Extreme E, they have also shown their capabilities by winning several of the most prestigious motorsport championships.

“They will bring invaluable experience, raw talent and passion to the NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team, as well as to the wider McLaren Racing family, and will play a key role in the team achieving its goals. Welcome to the team, Cristina and Mattias!”

The NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team will be in action this month when the 2024 season begins on 17-18 February in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. You can watch how the team begin their 2024 Extreme E campaign across ITV and STV in the UK, while outside of the UK please visit here for broadcaster details.

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24-01-31 Veloce Racing return for Season 4 with unchanged driver line-up
1 January 2024, London: After taking three victories in Veloce Racing’s best-ever Extreme E season last term, the duo of Kevin Hansen and Molly Taylor will once again spearhead the British squad’s pursuit of a maiden series title.

Veloce Racing finished third in the overall standings in 2023, their highest placing in Extreme E so far, and will be eager for more success when the championship returns next month in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for Rounds 1 and 2 (17-18 February).

Veloce Racing’s decision to retain both drivers underscores the team's strong ambitions for the upcoming campaign, following a season which saw Hansen and Taylor finish level on most wins for the year with the champions, Rosberg X Racing.

Saudi Arabia proved the setting for Veloce Racing’s debut series win last year and the team will be looking for another visit to the top step of the podium at the season opening Desert X Prix.

Kevin Hansen, Veloce Racing, said: “I’m really excited to be heading into my second season of Extreme E with Veloce Racing, and we’re all fully focussed on picking up where we left off in Chile last year.

“We showed so much promise throughout the season, but taking our third win of the year in Chile with such a dominant performance is just the momentum we need. Third in Season 3 is something to be proud of for sure, but we’ll settle for nothing less than the Season 4 title.

“Molly and I have cemented ourselves as consistent podium finishers. We developed a really strong partnership last year, but we can always be better, so I'm looking forward to improving even more together this season.”

Molly Taylor, Veloce Racing, said: “For Veloce Racing to take the equal highest number of race wins and finish third in our first full season together with Kevin and I was a fantastic achievement, but of course we’re hungry for the Championship.

“Preparations have been in full swing since the moment we finished in Chile, and everyone in the team is working hard to take all that we learnt from Season 3 to ensure the best possible results in Season 4.

“Kevin and I will continue to push each other to be our best, and will be doing all we can to get Veloce Racing its first title in Extreme E.”

Daniel Bailey, CEO and Co-Founder of Veloce Racing, added: “Last season was our best yet for Veloce Racing, and we’ll be looking to build on our third place finish in the championship as we kick start out fourth season in Extreme E.

“Molly and Kevin have already built a great working relationship, both as a pair and with the rest of the team. It’s great to see perfectly they’ve fit into the Veloce family, and we’re looking forward to another season together where we can push ourselves even further.

“The opening race of the season next month marks an opportunity for us to start the year as we mean to go on, and all of us here at Veloce Racing will be hunting down that first win.”

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24-01-30 Rosberg X Racing retains championship-winning driver pairing for Season 4
Rosberg X Racing (RXR) has retained Johan Kristoffersson and Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky for the 2024 campaign, as the Swedish duo set out to become Extreme E’s first back-to-back champions.

Nico Rosberg’s outfit claimed a dramatic title victory in 2023, their second in three years, and keep their all-star line-up ahead of the Season 4 opener in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, next month (February 17-18).

The news means Kristoffersson and Åhlin-Kottulinsky will be paired together at RXR for the third successive season, where behind the wheel the Swedes have taken five wins and a further four podiums underlining their formidable partnership.

Alongside their Extreme E title glory, both drivers enjoyed successes outside of the ODYSSEY 21 in 2023. Kristoffersson claimed his latest FIA World Rallycross Championship win, his sixth in total, while Åhlin-Kottulinsky finished third overall in rallycross’ FIA RX2e Championship with two podium finishes.

Johan Kristoffersson, RXR, said: “Being a part of RXR since the beginning and achieving two championship victories has been an incredible journey. It fuels my motivation even more for the upcoming season. I’m also really glad to continue working alongside Mikaela; her talent and drive greatly contribute to our team's success.”

Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky, RXR, added: “Winning my first Extreme E Championship last season was a dream come true. It's a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire RXR team. I am thrilled to continue with RXR this season and build on our success.”

As RXR prepare to defend their Extreme E crown, first up will be the deserts of Saudi Arabia for Rounds 1 and 2 of the 2024 campaign.

Nico Rosberg’s outfit took the first-ever victory in Extreme E in AlUla in 2021 and have since continued to showcase their supremacy at the Desert X Prix by winning the event in 2022 in NEOM, and taking two top-three finishes last term.

You can watch how Kristoffersson and Åhlin-Kottulinsky begin their Extreme E title defence across ITV and STV in the UK, while outside of the UK please visit here for broadcaster details.

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24-01-29 Scheider tackles Extreme E with SUN Minimeal
New team for the electric racing series with two-time DTM champion Timo Scheider. His team mate will be Swedish driver Klara Andersson.

Wolfhalden, 29.01.2024. True to the motto "Race for the Planet", Swiss food producer SUN AG is entering the Extreme E series with its own racing team SUN Minimeal Team to draw attention to the latest food innovation from Switzerland as well as the global waste of calories and resources in nutrition.

"Especially in racing, a performance-supporting diet is extremely important," says Wolfgang Grabher, CEO of SUN AG. "SUN Minimeal is the simplest and safest way to eat healthily and sustainably. The special thing about it is that it contains all the natural nutrients in the right quantities and with a low calorie content. The meal is particularly appreciated by people who have little time, travel a lot and don't want to miss out on a healthy diet."

Extreme E is a racing series for off-road silhouette vehicles with electric motors, which will be held as the world's first hydrogen-based FIA World Championship from 2025. The aim of the racing series is to illustrate the already visible consequences of climate change in particularly affected locations. Ten teams, consisting of one male and one female driver, will compete against each other to offer exciting racing on the one hand, but also to draw attention to global problems on the other.

The competition vehicle is an ODYSSEY21 prototype, a fully electric SUV with a peak output of around 400 kW (544 hp). The 1895-kilogram, 2.3-meter-wide electric car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and climb gradients of up to 130 percent.

Two-time DTM champion Timo Scheider will be team principal and driver for the SUN Minimeal team. The 45-year-old Austrian by choice has become very familiar with Extreme E in his roles as track designer and driver. Scheider's team mate is 23-year-old Swede Klara Andersson, who celebrated her first international successes in rallycross. She was the first woman to stand on the podium of a World Rallycross Championship round in Montalegre, Portugal, in 2022. She also made it onto the podium in her debut in Extreme E in Chile that same year.

"The long-term partnership with SUN Minimeal is extremely exciting and makes me very happy," emphasizes Timo Scheider. "The combination is a perfect fit, because I share common goals and philosophies with SUN Minimeal and Extreme E. I have been able to engage a number of highly competent team members, which will allow me to fully concentrate on my role as a driver. I am very proud that we have been able to recruit Klara as a driver. She is extremely fast and also fits perfectly well to the team. I am convinced that we have put together a strong package to play a significant role in the high-class competitive environment of Extreme E."

"I am delighted to be part of the SUN Minimeal team and would like to thank Wolfgang Grabher and Timo Scheider for their trust," says Klara Andersson. "I got to know Timo in the World Rallycross Championship as one of the fastest and hardest working racing drivers out there. To be able now to compete alongside him in Extreme E is simply cool. I can hardly wait for the season opener in Saudi Arabia!"

"Our involvement in Extreme E will help us to globally present our innovation for healthy nutrition and our mission to reduce nutritional resources by 90 percent and reach up to 2.1 billion households," explains Wolfgang Grabher. "I am particularly pleased to have Timo Scheider, a champion and great team player, in the team and wish him and Klara Andersson all the best for the 2024 season."

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme E, says: “We are delighted to welcome the SUN Minimeal Team into our series as our latest entrant. Despite being a new team in the championship, SUN Minimeal Team arrives with plenty of experience and race-winning pedigree, so we hope they will be fighting up at the sharp end of the field when the new season begins next month in Saudi Arabia. Everyone pulling in the same direction is so important in Extreme E, and Sun Minimeal is undoubtedly an organisation which is environmentally conscious and focused on sustainability, sharing the corevalues of our championship. I look forward to seeing how Timo and Klara fare behind the wheel and SUN Minimeal Team battling for podiums and victories in 2024, as we count down to our fourth Extreme E season.”

James Taylor, Chief Championship Officer at Extreme E, adds: “It is great to have SUN Minimeal Team join the Extreme E line-up for 2024. The team will bring some fresh energy into the series, while in Timo and Klara they boast a strong driver pairing which has already scored excellent results in the championship to-date. Their off-road racing abilities are second to none, while having Timo step into the unique role of team principal and race driver is sure to be fascinating given his wealth of experience in the series and across motorsport. We are pleased to welcome SUN Minimeal Team into the series and look forward to their debut next month in Saudi Arabia.”

Extreme E 2024 consists of five race weekends at four venues. There will be two races per weekend.

Further information is available at:

Schedule Extreme E 2024
17./18.02. Jeddah/KSA
13./14.07. tba, Europe
14./15.09. Sardinia/ITA
21./22.09. Sardinia/ITA
23./24.11. Phoenix/USA

24-01-17 One month to go until Extreme E Season 4 begins in Saudi Arabia
After three years of thrills and spills Extreme E is set to return for its fourth instalment, with only a month to go until Rounds 1-2 of the 2024 campaign in Saudi Arabia.

Season 4 will deliver even more thrilling wheel-to-wheel action showcased across some of the toughest terrains on the planet.

The deserts of Saudi Arabia have opened each of Extreme E’s three previous campaigns, and another spectacular is expected in Jeddah when the championship arrives for the Desert X Prix on 17-18 February.

This is the first time since the series launched that Extreme E has raced in Jeddah, which has been home to the country’s Formula One races since 2021.

The focus of Extreme E’s legacy initiative at the Desert X Prix will be coral restoration. The initiative will be led by Carlos Duarte, Head of Extreme E’s Scientific Committee and Professor of Marine Science at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), as well as collaborating with Ocean Revive and AEON Collective.

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme E, said: “We are excited to return to Saudi Arabia for our fourth season of Extreme E.

“The championship is undoubtedly one of the most competitive in world motorsport, and we are looking forward to another year full of fantastic battles out on track visiting some incredible locations, some of which have been hugely impacted by climate change.

“Saudi Arabia has been a great host for Extreme E since we launched, and has also showcased some memorable on track moments, and we look forward to more of the same in Jeddah.”

His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Al-Abdullah Al-Faisal, Chairman of the Saudi Motorsport Company, stated: “Our partnership with Extreme has a rich history, extending far beyond the realms of sports and racing. We envision this collaboration to endure for the long term. This time around, the race takes place in a fresh and iconic setting, Jeddah, a location renowned globally for its significance, which has played a pivotal role in establishing Saudi Arabia's reputation in the world of motorsports.

“We take immense pride in welcoming Extreme E back to Saudi Arabia for the fourth consecutive year, as it embarks on yet another thrilling round of the competition. Extreme E perfectly aligns with the core pillars of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, championing the nation's commitment to lead in the advancement and advocacy of alternative energy, protecting our environment for generations to come, and forging a sustainable future.”

Extreme E’s ten-race championship is set to captivate on track once more. Alongside returning to Saudi Arabia and Sardinia, the series will also make its debut in the USA, with a further X Prix in Europe still to be confirmed.

Two-time champions Rosberg X Racing (RXR) have been the most successful team in Saudi Arabia, taking two victories and two additional podiums from the fourth races held so far. As Season 3 champions, Nico Rosberg’s outfit will be the team to beat. Nevertheless, last year’s Desert X Prix showed that they can be beaten despite their formidable form, with Veloce Racing and ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team both taking their debut wins the in the series.

With less than five weeks to go until the opening X Prix of the campaign, anticipation continues to build ahead of Extreme E Season 4 with plenty more news ahead of another exciting year still to come.

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