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FIA WRX Championship 2024 FIA European Championship (Euro RX3)
Rallycross-SM Supernationell/2150/JSM RallyX 2024
10-11/5 Tierp Arena *
1/6 Höljes    
2/6 Höljes    
19/7 Älvsbyn    
22/7 Lycksele    
31/8 Arvika **  
22/7 Lycksele    

* = Supercar Lites/Crosskar
**=Supercar RX1/open 2wd/Supercar Lites/Crosskar

Officiell hemsida
Plats Land  
10-11/5 Tierp Arena Sverige Dubbeltävling
25-26/5 Kouvola Finland Dubbeltävling
TBA   Sverige Dubbeltävling
3-4/8 Nysum Danmark Dubbeltävling
10-11/8 Estering Tyskland Dubbeltävling


Officiell hemsida


24-02-21 FC2 project enjoys outstanding success
Since its launch last November, the onging FC2 project has continued its development phase in North America. To date, First Corner has confirmed 15 orders for this revolutionary new concept.

The latest version of the FC2 concept will be unveiled next month in Las Vegas at the final Round of Nitrocross. As a leader in automotive innovation, First Corner is pleased to confirm that development of the FC2 is progressing successfully in North America, where our engineering teams are benefiting from more favorable weather conditions than in Europe at this time of year.

The latest progress in this phase of development allows First Corner to report that the FC2 is ahead of the schedule set by OMSE. Although the car used in the USA still retains the current Supercar Lites bodywork, work continues behind the scenes to achieve the final FC2 design.

The unveiling of the latest version of the development vehicle at the Nitrocross Finals in Las Vegas, scheduled for March 1-2, will be a critical step in the continuions public promotion of the FC2 concept.

Supporting this activity, First Corner recently attended the Autosport show where representatives met with partners and suppliers. The preliminary mock-up of the new FC2 body was made available to potential partners and suppliers through virtual reality glasses, a pioneering initiative that proved a great success at the event.

Since the official launch of the FC2 kits in early January, some 15 orders have been received, with a further 8 under negotiation. Inquiries from both Europe and the USA (Nitrocross) have continued to pour in since the beginning of 2024.

In addition, a ground-breaking partnership between OMSE / First Corner and Racemarket.net, the international renowned Motorsport sales platofom has resulted in the launch of a dedicated web page on Racemarket.net for the resale of redundant components from the upgrade process of Supercar Lites to FC2. This is an innovative recycling program that supports OMSE / First Corner's continious commitment to sustainable motorsports.

Prior to its introduction in the Nitrocross NEXT EVO championship from the 2024/2025 season, five FC2 cars will make their official racing debut in the Supercar class of the RallyX championship from May 2024.
24-02-14 OMSE and First Corner Announce Exclusive Partnership with Racemarket.net
OMSE and First Corner World Leaders in Sustainable Motorsport, Announce Exclusive Partnership with Racemarket.net; Pioneers in the Circular Economy within Motorsports

OMSE and First Corner proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with Racemarket.net, the globally renowned marketplace for motorsports enthusiasts. This unique collaboration aims to spearhead a circular economy within the motorsport’s community, particularly focused on the upgrade from Supercar Lites to the revolutionary FC2 concept.

The FC2 concept redefines motorsport by creating identical FC2 vehicles through the recycling and reuse of current Supercar Lites. This innovative approach includes the enhancement of existing components and the resale of surplus parts through Racemarket.net marketplaces. The overarching goal is to minimize the carbon footprint of the FC2 while aligning motorsports with environmental sustainability.

This innovative investment reduction program allows Supercar Lites owners to recoup an estimated 30% of their initial investment by recycling surplus parts. These components will be made available for reuse in other racing formulas or by current Supercar Lite owners with a solution enabled by Racemarket.net.

This strategic partnership not only confirms Racemarket.net's position as a global sales hub for the motorsport community but also solidifies OMSE and First Corner as World leaders in sustainable Motorsports. Acting as a bridge between motorsports enthusiasts and innovative programs like FC2, Racemarket.net continues to shape the landscape of motorsports commerce.

“When we first came up with the FC2 concept, we also wanted to come up with an innovative approach to support sustainability within Motorsport” says Andreas Eriksson, CEO at OMSE and First Corner. Our revolutionary cooperation with Racemarket.net is not only the first of its kind within Motorsport, but it’s also the perfect solution we were seeking for our clients, and we look forward to expanding this cooperation further in the future.”

"We are thrilled to be part of this revolutionary endeavour with OMSE and First Corner," says Jure Krapenc, CEO at Racemarket.net. "This partnership not only aligns with our commitment to fostering a circular economy but also underscores our dedication to being the premier sales point for the global motorsport community."
24-02-06 Enlunds Motorsport och Martin Enlund tar steget upp till Supercar
Enlunds motorsport avslöjar idag en betydelsefull utveckling inför säsongen 2024 med Martin Enlund som tar steget upp till en högre nivå inom motorsportvärlden.

Efter en imponerande prestation och framstående insatser i tidigare tävlingar, är Martin Enlund redo att konkurrera på en ny plattform och ta sig an nya utmaningar inom klassen Supercar. Teamet med Martin i spetsen är taggade inför den nya utmaningen men nu väntar en hel del jobb med den nya bilen en Ford Fiesta MK8 byggd av OMSE. Enlunds motorsport planerar just nu försäsongen som kommer att innehålla mycket körning och tester, allt för att vara redo i maj på Tierp arena som är starten av RallyX-serien.

Det är främst RallyX-serien som Enlunds motorsport satsar på under 2024 men hoppas även på inhopp i andra serier.
– Efter fyra år i supercar lites så känns det som ett naturligt steg för oss ta klivet upp till supercar. RallyX-serien håller en väldigt hög klass när det kommer till både konkurrens och event, säger teamchef Roger.

På den klassiska sportfrågan: Hur känns det svarar Martin:
– Jag är otroligt glad att vi har lyckats få ihop den här satsningen. Det är en dröm sedan man var barn att tävla i supercar och nu står vi här. Samtidigt väljer jag att vara ödmjuk inför uppgiften, detta är en 3-års satsning och första året är såklart ett läro-år. Det kommer främst handla om att både jag och teamet ska samla på oss erfarenheter och lärdomar. Men det är ju såklart så.. finns det en lucka så tar jag den, skrattar han.

Följ Martin & Enlunds motorsport på facebook https://www.facebook.com/martinenlund60
24-01-25 RallyX celebrates 10th anniversary with record number of entries
As the RallyX championship prepares to celebrate its tenth anniversary and the first of three registration periods comes to an end, promoter RX Promotion has confirmed a record number of drivers for the 2024 season.

As the early bird registration period for discounted entry fees concluded, no less than 94 drivers have already punched their ticket to the 2024 RallyX championship.

"Since registration opened on December 24th, we've had a record number of drivers enter the 2024 championship," says Andreas Eriksson.

"For the first time in the history of the RallyX championship, we've passed the 90-driver mark in just a few days. This is a real success and I'd like to thank everyone involved in the championship for their commitment and for the confidence they have repeatedly shown in us to make our series a rallycross stronghold".

While only 125 places are available for each RallyX event, more than 75% of the field has already secured their entry for the 2024 season.

"We still have two months to reach the target of 125 registered drivers and celebrate the tenth anniversary of the RallyX championship in the best possible way. We see excellent momentum in the Open 2WD category with 13 cars already entered. In CrossCar, no less than 18 juniors have sent in their entry forms, while the number of seniors has already reached 32. In Supercar Lites, we already have 15 cars, while in Open 4WD (Supercar), the 16-driver mark has already been reached, even though we know that many teams will be joining us over the next few weeks and are not yet included in this figure, so this list promises to grow rapidly"

In total, no less than 11 nationalities are currently represented in the RallyX championship, but that number could grow as the second phase of entries is now open until March 15, 2024.

"We expect the last available places to be filled quickly," says Andreas Eriksson.

"Our championship is developing at an incredible pace and it's great for the tracks we work with to know that they can count on highly competitive line-ups. This tenth anniversary of the RallyX championship is definitely shaping up to be a great vintage. But our work doesn't stop there. We're going to use this opportunity to strengthen the position of our championship and thus lay a very good foundation for its future, which has never been more promising in the history of RallyX".

Good to know!
Of the 125 places up for grabs, the first registration phase, which closed on January 24, has already attracted a total of 93 drivers.

The second registration phase begins on Thursday, January 25 and closes on March 15, 2024.

The third and final registration phase will run from March 16 to April 25.
Since December 24, no fewer than 11 nationalities have been registered.

The number of entries by category since December 24, 2023:
Open 2WD: 13 drivers
XC CrossCar Junior: 18 drivers
XC CrossCar Senior: 32 drivers
Supercar Lites: 15 drivers
Open 4WD: 16 drivers

Please note that the maximum number of drivers per event is 125. Entries will be automatically closed once a category has reached its maximum number of entries. Only five reserve drivers may be added to this list.

Registration for the 2024 season of the RallyX Championship is accessible via this link: https://www.rallyx.se/driver-registration/

RallyX 2024 Calendar
May 10-11: Tierp Arena // Sweden (double header)
May 25-26: Kouvola // Finland (double header)
TBA: Sweden (double header)
August 3-4: Nysum // Denmark (double header)
August 10-11: Estering // Germany (double header)
24-01-24 Ingen VM-runde på Lånkebanen i år
Den endelige terminlisten for årets VM i rallycross er ikke offentliggjort av det internasjonale bilsportforbundet ennå. Men det er klart at det ikke blir VM og EM i rallycross på Lånkebanen på Hell i år.

Styret i selskapet HellRX AS som har vært ansvarlig for den norske VM-runden de siste årene har måttet innse at det ikke er økonomisk grunnlag for å fortsette med arrangementet.
- Fjorårets arrangement fikk et betydelig minusresultat, og med den usikkerheten som er rundt hele VM-serien for tiden så må vi bare innse at vi ikke har mulighet til å være arrangør lenger, sier styreleder i HellRX AS Jan Olav Haarsaker.

HellRX AS eies med 55% av Norges Bilsportforbund, mens de øvrige aksjonærene er lokale aktører i Trøndelag.

Fra Bilsportforbundets side beklager man at det ikke vil være forsvarlig å fortsette VM-festen på Lånkebanen.
- Lånkebanen var EM-arena for første gang i 2011, og da rallycrossen fikk VM-status fra 2014 var Norge og Lånke naturlig vertskapsnasjon og bane. Det har vært noen fantastisk gode arrangement, så det er vemodig at vi må kaste kortene. Publikumsinteressen er for liten, og det er dessverre ikke økonomisk forsvarlig å fortsette. Samtidig med sviktende publikumsinteresse blir kravene til alle internasjonale idrettsarrangement vanskelige og vanskeligere å innfri for små nasjoner som Norge, sier generalsekretær Hallgeir Raknerud i NBF.
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