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VM-kalender 2021 FIA RX2e Championship *
Plats Land  
Belgien Spa 1 + 2 + 3 *
12-13/6 Norge Hell 2 + 3 *
19-20/6 Finland Kouvola 1 *
3-4/7 Sverige Höljes 1 + 2 + 3 *
24-25/7 Spanien Barcelona 1 + 2 *
31-1/8 Tyskland Nürburgring 2 *
21-22/8 TBA TBA (Europa) 3 *
4-5/9 Frankrike Lohéac 1 + 2 + 2*
15-16/10 TBA TBA (MEA)
27-28/11 Sydafrika Killarney  
* = inkluderar Fia RX2e
Officiell hemsida
Plats Land  
Belgien Spa  
12-13/6 Norge Hell  
3-4/7 Sverige Höljes  
24-25/7 Spanien Barcelona  
31-1/8 Tyskland Nürburgring **
4-5/9 Frankrike Lohéac  
* All dates subject to final agreement with the new World Championship promoter
** Subject to track homologation
Officiell hemsida
RallyX Nordic 2021 Rallycross-SM
1-2/5 Nysum Danmark RallyX Nordic only
13-16/5 Höljes Sverige RallyX Nordic and SM
5-6/6 OuluZone Finland RallyX Nordic only
13-15/8 Arvika Sverige RallyX Nordic and SM
Provisional 2021 RallyX Nordic presented by Cooper Tires Calendar
Officiell hemsida Reservation för ändringar

Höljes Finnskoga MK 1 & 2
Piteå Piteå MS 3 & 4
Västerås Västerås MS 5 & 6
Arvika MK Team Westom  
I deltävling 1-6 kör Supercar Lites, 2400, 2150, Juniorer samt RM för damer (2150)
I superfinalen kör även RX1 och Supernationell
Officiell hemsida
Skellefteå MS    
Piteå MS    
16-17 juli
Kalix MS    
Officiell hemsida


21-02-24 Rallycross' next generation get to grips with FIA RX2e car
Prospective competitors enjoy their first taste of electric rallycross in Spain
World RX ace De Ridder hails ‘hugely impressive’ instant power and torque
Young gun Steinsholt ‘working hard’ to join the grid for inaugural campaign

Seven drivers got a glimpse of the future when they tried out the new FIA RX2e Championship car around Spain’s Circuit Calafat earlier this month, with the test drawing unanimous praise ahead of the first-ever FIA electric rallycross championship’s inaugural season.

FIA RX2e will join the undercard to the high-profile FIA World Rallycross Championship at six European events in 2021, beginning at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium on 22/23 May.

In anticipation of what is expected to be a full 20-car grid for the championship’s maiden campaign, testing has been proceeding at a rapid rate, with official test-driver Oliver Eriksson and namesake and countryman Sebastian Eriksson both putting the car through its paces in recent months.

The test days at Calafat – in Spain’s northern Catalunya region – marked the first opportunity for prospective competitors to climb into the cockpit themselves and experience the FIA RX2e car’s cutting-edge on-board technology. Guillaume De Ridder, Ole Henry Steinsholt, Damien Meunier, Iván Ares, Pepe Arqué, Pablo Suárez and Guillaume Meura all took turns behind the wheel, and all were unquestionably impressed (see individual feedback below).

Jointly designed and developed by Spanish electro-mobility specialist QEV Technologies and Swedish rallycross powerhouse Olsbergs MSE, the bespoke, lightweight, four wheel-drive RX2e car is built around a spaceframe chassis and incorporates two independent powertrains alongside a final-spec 30kWh battery, with the motor generating 250kW (335bhp) of power and – following recent upgrades – up to 510Nm torque.

The battery is mounted next to the driver in the centre of the car to ensure optimum, 50/50 weight distribution, while power is supplied evenly to the front and rear wheels by a pair of motors and inverters, all of which benefit from a cooling system to prevent excessive temperatures.

From inside the cockpit, competitors can manually adjust the amount of torque produced by the front and rear motors, the total torque deployed by all four wheels during the launch and the degree of regenerative braking on the front and rear axles.

Driver Quotes
Guillaume De Ridder
Former FIA World RX driver and RX2 International Series runner-up
“This was my first time in an electric car, and I have to admit, I was very pleasantly surprised. Although there was some initial adaptation required, right from the opening laps, the RX2e car instilled me with a lot of confidence thanks to its excellent balance. Placing the battery in the middle gives it a lower centre of gravity and greatly improves stability through corners and under braking, enabling the driver to brake later. It also means you don’t really notice the extra weight.

“To be honest, it drives very much like a combustion-engined car, but with several key advantages. The instant torque and power are hugely impressive, and not having to shift gears allows you to focus 100 per cent on your driving and all the details around that so you can improve your precision and efficiency.

“Although there is obviously less noise, it certainly isn’t silent and the flipside is that you experience an added feeling of speed from inside the car, plus you can now hear additional feedback such as the wheels spinning or sliding, which helps you to react faster when you’re on the limit. Overall, I was really impressed by the performance of the RX2e car, and I’m already looking forward to getting behind the wheel again.”

Ole Henry Steinsholt
FIA Euro RX Super1600 driver, former European and Norwegian Crosskart champion
“I’ve competed in a lot of different classes, but this represented my first experience of driving an electric race car, and it was a very positive one. The handling and stability of the RX2e car is very good, and it’s faster than the existing Supercar Lites model – it was incredible to feel the power and very engaging to drive.

“Overall, the test was really encouraging, and I am working hard to make it onto the starting grid for what is sure to be a very exciting first season in RX2e. Whether you like it or not, electric is definitely the future of motorsport. If and when the manufacturers return to rallycross, I believe this is the only way.”

Damien Meunier
Former RX2 International Series and French Rallycross Championship driver
“Although I’ve driven electric cars on the road, this was my first time in an electric race car and I have to say, the RX2e car is really enjoyable to drive. The on-board technology is incredible. There are a lot of parameters involved and I was very surprised by the acceleration – it actually felt like being back in a combustion-engined Supercar.

“QEV and OMSE have done an outstanding job in developing this car, and I was able to make tweaks and changes every time I went out. Over the course of just one day behind the wheel, I felt like I took a tremendous step forward.

“As a championship, RX2e definitely has a lot of potential. Yes, we lose the engine noise which is a shame, but if rallycross is to attract the manufacturers back again and secure its future, electric is the only way to go.”

Iván Ares
FIA European Rally Championship podium-finisher; former Spanish Rally Champion
“The test was an amazing experience. The RX2e car’s behaviour was great – better than I had anticipated, for sure. At the beginning, the feeling was a little bit strange because there isn’t a gearbox as I am accustomed to, but I soon got used to that and thanks to the incredible support of the technical crew, it was an awesome day!

“With the equality between all the cars, I think that the FIA RX2e Championship is a very attractive proposition, so I hope to get another chance to drive in it – perhaps in a real race next time...”

Pepe Arqué
Rallycross and Crosskart driver, ex-RX Academy driver
“The test was a bit of a ‘first’ for me – my first time driving an electric car and first time with four wheel-drive – and it was an amazing day. It definitely created a strong impression. The RX2e car is very easy to drive, well-balanced and predictable, and there are lots of little set-up aspects you can adjust. I was surprised by how much power was available, too – the instant reaction when it launches was particularly impressive. I’d never experienced acceleration like that before.

“I’m very thankful to QEV Technologies and FIA RX2e for giving me the opportunity to test this car. It’s clearly going to be a very interesting, competitive and close championship, and for me, there’s no question that electric cars are the future for motorsport and that rallycross is the best discipline for them. The short, sharp races mean their performance can be exploited to the maximum.”

Pablo Suárez
Rally driver, test and development driver; 2nd in class on 2017 WRC Rally Catalunya
“I really enjoyed the experience of driving the RX2e car. It was a huge privilege to share a test track with Oliver Eriksson and receive help and advice from him and other great drivers.

“The car is awesome – it’s easy to drive close to the limit, it reacts quickly to driver input and it has a really well-balanced chassis. Instant torque is what every driver wants in a car, and you just have to modulate the throttle to manage the power. Also, without having gears to shift, you can focus on being smooth and finding the best line.

“I’m working hard to get the budget together to enter the championship. I really believe in this project and that environmentally-friendly and sustainable rallycross races are not only possible, but will also be a lot of fun.”

Guillaume Meura
Cross-country rally and electric touring car / GT driver
“My first experience of both rallycross and RX2e was fantastic. The car was very easy to learn, super agile and great fun to drive, and I was really impressed by its overall sensations – as well, obviously, as its power and speed. At the same time, everything felt very stable and well-controlled, and it has excellent traction on both gravel and asphalt. There is also a pretty big jump at Calafat that the suspension handled perfectly.

“There is a common misconception that because electric cars are generally heavier than internal combustion cars, they must be slower, but the reality is totally the opposite, as the RX2e car goes to show. That wasn’t a surprise to me, as I have several years’ experience of driving electric cars. There’s no question that electric is the future for motorsport, and this championship is certain to attract a very high calibre of competitors. I would love the chance to be amongst them.”

Following the opening round at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, the 2021 FIA RX2e Championship will visit Hell in Norway (12/13 June), Höljes in Sweden (3/4 July), Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain (24/25 July) and the Nürburgring in Germany (31 July / 1 August) before concluding at Lohéac in France (4/5 September).
21-02-19 JC Raceteknik och EKS förenas – bildar teamet EKS JC
De två framgångsrika teamen EKS och JC Raceteknik slår sig samman under 2021 och framåt. Med samlad kraft bildar det gemensamma teamet EKS JC, och ambitionerna är höga.

JC Raceteknik och EKS är två team som båda tagit varsitt team-guld i rallycross-VM (FIA World Rallycross Championship). Nu står det klart att de under 2021 kommer slå sig samman för flera framtida motorsportprojekt.

Det nyligen bildade teamet kommer gå under namnet EKS JC, med JC Racetekniks grundare Joel Christoffersson som teamchef. EKS JCs första tävling blir rally-VM (FIA World Rally Championship) i Finland redan i slutet av februari, där Mattias Ekström kommer till start i klassen WRC3 tillsammans med kartläsare Emil Bergqvist.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef EKS JC:
”Jag och Mattias delar samma tankesätt och inställning för sporten. Det är en av huvudanledningarna till att våra samarbeten har varit så framgångsrika, och ger oss också en stabil grund att bygga vidare på. För 2021 kommer vi helt klart att fokusera på rallycross-VM, med målet att inte bara vinna team-VM utan även förarmästerskapet. Vi kollar också närmare på flera andra projekt för att kunna bredda oss inom fler sporter än bara rallycross.”

Mattias Ekström, EKS grundare:
”Jag bildade teamet EKS under 2014 med ambitionen att vinna tävlingar och mästerskap, och kunde uppnå det 2016 genom att vinna både förar-VM och team-VM i rallycross. Under 2019 och 2020 tog JC Raceteknik våra bilar till toppen av tre stora mästerskap: RallyX Nordic, EM och VM. Från och med nu kommer Joel att ta hand om alla EKS och JC Racetekniks gemensamma projekt – rallycross, rally, crosskart och allt annat som kommer upp. Vi kollar också närmare på framtiden inom elektrisk motorsport, och förr än senare kommer det finnas en helt eldriven bil i vårt garage.”
21-02-16 Rosenqvist: Rallycross is tailor-made for electric technology – and QEV are masters of it
NTT INDYCAR SERIES star tips FIA RX2e to light up the international rallycross scene
Swede recalls QEV’s ‘passion’ and ‘professionalism’ from Formula E partnership
29-year-old says drivers and fans can expect spectacular racing and ‘crazy acceleration’

FIA Formula E and NTT INDYCAR SERIES race-winner Felix Rosenqvist has high hopes for the new FIA RX2e Championship – the first-ever FIA electric rallycross championship – describing the discipline as ‘the perfect format’ for electrification and QEV Technologies as masters of the electro-mobility game.

Even before the age of 30, Rosenqvist has already forged a deserved reputation as one of Scandinavia’s most successful – and versatile – motorsport stars. Having conquered both the FIA Formula 3 European Championship and iconic Macau Grand Prix – twice, in the case of the latter – the Swede stepped up to Formula E for the 2016/17 campaign with Mahindra Racing, a team run in large part by QEV.

From two seasons in the all-electric single-seater series, Rosenqvist achieved three race wins, four further podium finishes and an impressive third place in the overall championship standings. The 29-year-old has since gone on to establish himself as a front-running competitor in North America’s NTT INDYCAR SERIES with Arrow McLaren SP, after securing ‘Rookie of the Year’ honours in 2019, but he retains fond memories of his time spent working with QEV in Formula E.

“That was a really special period in my career,” he reflects. “We had a lot of fun together. As an electric series, software is the biggest factor in Formula E, and that is unquestionably QEV’s strength. There are a million different things you can do to a car from a software point-of-view – within the parameters of the regulations, of course – and as somebody that grew up as part of the computer generation, that really appealed to me.

“All the guys at QEV are ultra-professional, and what really struck me was just how passionate they are about the technology. For every problem we encountered, they rapidly found a solution and they would spend countless hours working to extract every last thousandth-of-a-second.

“Since then, they have turned from a comparatively small operation into a much bigger one, with experience and success in a range of disciplines and on both the racing and road car side – and I have no doubt that they will make a similar success out of RX2e. Rallycross is obviously something new for them, but at the end of the day, like any other type of motorsport, it’s still about going fast and doing so in an efficient manner.”

Indeed, with its succession of short, sharp bouts, rallycross is in many respects the ideal arena for electric technology, and Rosenqvist is swift to point out the benefits not only from an environmental standpoint but on the performance side too, predicting faster races and eye-watering acceleration from the new FIA World Rallycross Championship feeder series.

“Electric technology has progressed hugely over the past seven years – just look at how much quicker Formula E cars are now compared to back then – and all of that progress can be filtered into RX2e,” he explains.

“Weight has been the biggest limiting factor, but electric motors are getting lighter all the time and in any case, you can get away with carrying a little bit more weight in rallycross because the races are shorter and you have a lot of power available. Rallycross could almost have been tailor-made for electric technology – it has the perfect format.

“I think the RX2e car will definitely represent a step forward in performance terms. People always talk about the acceleration in an electric road car – well guess what, it’s exactly the same thing in a race car. You get crazy acceleration out of an electric motor – you can exit every corner flat-out, which is incredible.

“A few years ago, everybody was dead-set against electric technology, but the world is changing fast and the fact of the matter is that whoever doesn’t get on-board with it now is going to be left behind. This is the future, and I’m really excited to see the RX2e car in action...”
21-02-16 Hansen becomes first rallycross team to join UN Sports for Climate Action Framework
Hansen Motorsport has joined the race against climate change as the first rallycross team to become a signatory of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s ‘Sports for Climate Action’ initiative, affirming its push towards building a more sustainable future for motorsport and wider society.

As multiple top-level rallycross championships prepare to adopt all-electric formulas in 2022, Hansen has recognised its responsibility to play an active role improving the sustainability of motorsport and encouraging the wider motorsport community to work towards a sustainable, low-carbon future.

This commitment is based on five key principles laid out in the UNFCCC’s Sports for Climate Action Framework:

Promote greater environmental responsibility
Reduce the overall climate impact from sports
Use our platform to educate for climate action
Promote sustainable and responsible consumption
Advocate for climate action through our communications

These principles will inform the way Hansen operates in future, working to reduce its own impact on the environment along with utilising our sport’s reach strive towards collective action for achieving climate neutrality.

Susann Hansen, Team Manager for Hansen Motorsport, will oversee our team’s implementation of its new environmental strategy and push the team forwards to meet its sustainability goals.

By addressing environmental and sustainability issues through the medium of rallycross, a discipline that reaches millions of people across the globe, Hansen plans to lead by example and inspire motorsport fans to embrace the challenge of tackling climate change together.

Susann Hansen, Team Manager, Hansen Motorsport:
“Our family has always been passionate about environmental issues. Taking the next step and formally committing Hansen Motorsport to playing a bigger role in taking responsibility for a sustainable future was a natural progression of that passion.

“Since our earliest years as a racing team we have been actively supporting charities like the World Wildlife Fund in their quest to tackle marine pollution, for example, but in the long term this on its own is not enough. We must not only support others, but take action as individuals. And that message is central to the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, which was a key factor in making this commitment.

“We are creating new systems and new policies in our team to reduce our carbon footprint, and to lower consumption of energy and materials. But most importantly we want to show we are taking the race against climate change seriously, and we will only reach the finish line victorious if each and every one of us is working towards that goal.”
21-02-12 New era begins as World RX promoter confirmed
The FIA World Rallycross Championship – the top level of rallycross in which Team Hansen has won two manufacturers' titles and one drivers' title with Timmy Hansen – announced a new championship promoter, WRC Promoter, yesterday.

WRC Promoter has taken over responsibility for managing World RX from 2021, replacing outgoing promoter IMG, and is set to oversee the championship's switch to electric vehicles in 2022.

Team Hansen welcomes WRC Promoter to the championship and is looking forward to working together as rallycross moves into an ambitious new era.

Boss Kenneth Hansen
“From our initial conversations, we are encouraged they will take the series in a positive direction”

We are happy that WRC Promoter has been chosen as the new promoter of the FIA World Rallycross Championship. Having seen the work WRC Promoter has done since taking over the World Rally Championship, we are confident the championship has a good future ahead of it.

“They are planning a long-term commitment to our sport and, from our initial conversations, we are encouraged they will take the series in a positive direction.

“By remaining on track introduce to electric vehicles in 2022, we believe the championship is going in the right direction to become bigger and more successful in the future. Motorsport has always been closely aligned with the car industry, and by adopting an electric formula, World RX will remain relevant for years to come.”

Kevin Hansen, Driver, Team Hansen
“I’m really looking forward to the electric revolution coming in our championship”

WRC Promoter has created huge value for rallying the last few years, so having them onboard is the best news for rallycross in a long time.

“I’m young, eager and hungry to win a world championship, and going for the title now with WRC Promoter in charge should give myself and my rivals the opportunity to become stars worldwide while trying to win it.

“I’m really looking forward to the electric revolution coming in our championship and what the future holds.”
21-02-11 FIA and WRC Promoter will join forces for FIA World Rallycross Championship
The FIA has today announced that it has paved the way to a promising co-operation with the World Rally Championship Promoter Group for the promotion of the FIA World Rallycross Championship.

The FIA and WRC Promoter will work together to implement the 2021 FIA World Rallycross Championship and look forward to concluding a multi-year promoter agreement for the German-based company to be entrusted with commercial and media rights for the series.

As part of the collaboration with WRC Promoter, the company has committed to investment in the world championship and in particular the development of the future electrification of rallycross.

From 2021, rallycross will launch the entry-level FIA RX2e Championship, the first-ever FIA electric rallycross championship.

The 2021 FIA World RX (RX1) season is scheduled to start at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium on 22 - 23 May. The event will be supported by FIA RX2e. The FIA European RX1 and European RX3 Championships will also form part of the 2021 calendar.

The new RX1e electric FIA World Rallycross Championship will debut in 2022, featuring four-wheel drive 600+ hp/500 kW Touring Cars, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100kph in less than 2 seconds with performance levels that are capable of exceeding the current ICE Supercars.

Last month the FIA launched a request for proposal for the promotion of the FIA European Rallycross Championship from 2022-2025. Submissions for that tender are now under consideration.

Peter Bayer, Secretary General for Sport, FIA said: “We are pleased to be aligning with WRC Promoter as we build towards a ground-breaking electric future for the FIA World Rallycross Championship.

“The FIA and WRC Promoter have reached a common vision on how to work together for the benefit and the growth of rallycross. Our respective teams are working on a long-form agreement, look forward to commencing work on the 2021 championship and to the move of the sport towards a bright, more sustainable and greener future.

“We have worked extensively with the company as the promoter of the FIA World Rally Championship for a number of years and we anticipate they will bring the same energy and dynamism to the promotion of rallycross.”

WRC Promoter managing director Jona Siebel said: “World Rallycross sits on the verge of an innovative and pioneering future. We see strong growth potential in all areas and WRC Promoter is delighted to be at the forefront of a series focused on sustainable technology and e-mobility.

“Rallycross provides breathtaking thrills and spills and we will build new foundations to create an engaging and progressive platform for our global audience and partners.”
21-02-09 Finland completes 2021 RallyX Nordic calendar as entries open
Interest already high as series bids to build upon successful 2020 campaign
State-of-the-art broadcast package promises unrivalled return on investment
Finland returns to RallyX Nordic calendar with OuluZone fixture in June
Three double-headers and a super Swedish showdown to decide title fights

Entries have today (9 February) officially opened for the 2021 RallyX Nordic presented by Cooper Tires campaign, as Finland rejoins the schedule with a double-header weekend at OuluZone.

Despite the disruption of the global pandemic, RallyX Nordic very much bucked the trend in 2020 with a tremendously successful season. Not only did the series stage the first major international rallycross event of the year last summer – Höljes’ high-profile ‘All-Star Magic Weekend’, attracting the likes of Johan Kristoffersson, Niclas Grönholm, Timmy Hansen, Oliver Solberg and Thierry Neuville – but it comprehensively shifted the goalposts in terms of what the discipline can deliver from a broadcast perspective.

Over the course of the campaign, NEP Sweden produced more than 43 hours of cutting-edge, live high-octane action, state-of-the-art drone footage and privileged behind-the-scenes insights (all of which can now be viewed for free here), taking viewers right to the very heart of the events during a period when trackside attendance was strictly off-limits.

In addition to keeping fans royally entertained – with pulsating title fights in every class rooting them to their seats season-long – it also ensured competitors enjoyed unprecedented levels of exposure and their sponsors benefitted from unparalleled return on investment, at a time when value for money was arguably more important than ever.

Far from content to rest upon their laurels, however, RallyX Nordic organisers and the creative brains at NEP have spent the off-season hard at work to ensure the broadcast package for the forthcoming campaign raises the bar even further, with details to be revealed in due course.

With five classes on the agenda – the pre-existing Supercar, Supercar Lites, CrossCar/Crosskart and CrossCar Junior categories joined by Open 2WD in 2021 – and interest already running at record levels, everything is set for another spectacular season of RallyX Nordic competition as bumper grids are anticipated across the board.

The campaign will rev into life with a Danish double-header at Nysum – scene of last year’s title-decider – on 1-2 May, while Sweden’s iconic Höljes circuit plays host to rounds three and four a fortnight later (13-16 May). Finland makes a welcome return to the calendar on 5-6 June with the double-header contest at OuluZone in the north of the country, before Arvika in southern Sweden brings the curtain down on proceedings with a single-header showdown on 13-15 August.

“We are delighted to confirm Finland’s return,” commented Jan-Erik Steen, CEO of RallyX Nordic promoter, RX Promotion. “We have always maintained a good relationship with the Finnish event organisers, and it was a shame we were not able to go there last year due to scheduling difficulties.

“As we said at the time, it was very much our intention to reinstate Finland to its rightful place on the RallyX Nordic calendar, and to have reached an agreement to race at OuluZone is fantastic news for all concerned. Together with Nysum, Höljes and Arvika, we are confident we now have all the ingredients for an exciting, varied and thrillingly unpredictable season ahead.”

Full-season entries will close on Thursday, 1 April. Registrations can be filed here

2021 RallyX Nordic Calendar
May 1-2 Rounds 1/2 Nysum, Denmark RallyX Nordic only
May 13-16 Rounds 3/4 Höljes, Sweden RallyX Nordic and Swedish Championship
June 5-6 Rounds 5/6 OuluZone, Finland RallyX Nordic only
August 13-15 Round 7 Arvika, Sweden RallyX Nordic and Swedish Championship

21-01-23 Registrations open for new FIA RX2e Championship
20 places available in first-ever FIA electric rallycross championship
Cars to be allocated on a first come, first served basis
Competitors will benefit from pre-season testing opportunities
Registration forms can be downloaded from new fia-rx2e.com website

Driver registration is officially open for the 2021 FIA RX2e Championship, with competitors encouraged to signal their interest quickly as excitement builds around the first-ever FIA electric rallycross championship.

RX2e is set to electrify the international rallycross landscape in 2021, as it joins the undercard to the high-profile FIA World Rallycross Championship at six major European events – Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium (22/23 May), Hell in Norway (12/13 June), Höljes in Sweden (3/4 July), Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain (24/25 July), the Nürburgring in Germany (31 July / 1 August) and Lohéac in France (4/5 September).

Jointly developed by Spanish electro-mobility specialist QEV Technologies and Swedish rallycross powerhouse Olsbergs MSE, the bespoke, lightweight, four wheel-drive RX2e car is built around a spaceframe chassis and incorporates two independent powertrains alongside a 32kWh battery, with the motor generating up to 250kW (335bhp) of power and 460Nm torque. As an overall rpm range average value, this represents respectively a 24% and 14% increase over the existing Supercar Lites car, narrowing the gap to rallycross’ headlining Supercar class.

What’s more, the emphasis will be placed firmly on ability behind the wheel as – in a first for rallycross – drivers will have three key parameters to play with before and between races, injecting an extra element of skill into the equation.

From inside the cockpit, competitors will be able to manually adjust the amount of torque produced by the front and rear motors, the total torque deployed by all four wheels during the launch and the degree of regenerative braking on the front and rear axles.

The car has been tested and refined extensively in recent months by two-time RX2 International Series title-winner and reigning RallyX Nordic Champion Oliver Eriksson, as well as namesake and FIA World RX event-winner Sebastian Eriksson. The former has high hopes for the pioneering new championship.

“It’s like an electric rollercoaster – you step on the throttle, and the car simply takes off and then keeps on accelerating,” enthused Eriksson, RX2e’s official test-driver and ambassador. “That’s the advantage of electric, and it’s all about learning how to handle and harness that power.

“As a driver, that’s really exciting and it will generate very close, competitive racing. The great thing about RX2e is that it will be entirely new for everybody – nobody will go into it with a prior advantage. That means that ultimately, it will be the driver that makes the difference, not the size of somebody’s wallet. I genuinely believe it will be the most talented and hardest-working driver that wins the championship.”

Cars will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, with full-season registration set to close five weeks ahead of the first event. Round-by-round registration will open on 5 April and will similarly close five weeks before each race weekend. Once this process has been successfully completed, entries must be formally registered with the FIA.

The initial registration form – as well as the official Championship Manual and accompanying Appendices – can be found in the ‘Regulations’ and ‘How to Register’ sections of the new FIA RX2e Championship website: fia-rx2e.com

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